Favorite Things

It’s often the little things in life that put a smile on our face, so I thought a blog post dedicated solely to such things would be a good idea. 🙂 These are little things that never fail to make me happy…



It took me literally years to find out what these things were called. Once I found out what they were called, I was on a mission to try one! I went to a local French bakery and had my first try at macarons (I remember the two flavors I first tried, and it was raspberry and pumpkin spice). I’ve been in love with them ever since! Funny enough, there is a Johnny Quik gas station in my city that has a tiny coffee bar (Rare Earth coffee) and they also sell fresh macarons! That’s where I got the ones in the above picture.

This Cup


I guess it should be known that I have an obsession with polka dots, and I bought this pretty Kate Spade cup when I was in Santa Monica, CA.  I use it literally every day, so it definitely gets good use! Since it’s about to get into the colder months now, I need to buy one in the thermal mug version, ha!

Honeydew Slushies


This thing is ADDICTING! I discovered it at a cute little Taiwanese-themed coffee and tea shop called Taipei 101 here in Fresno, CA. It’s amazing…there are almost no words for how delicious this thing is.

Cold Stone Creamery


This one is the skinny vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, served in a delectable waffle cone. How can you not be happy while eating this?

Betsey Johnson Bags


I have to admit – I really am obsessed with Betsey Johnson’s line of cute bow bags. I have three of them (and have told myself I can’t buy any more!) and they get a lot of compliments! I’m a sucker for anything super girly, and definitely anything with a huge bow on it.

Clown Cones from Baskin Robbins


Every since I was a child, I have loved clown cones! I still get them on rare occasions, and they’re so fun to eat. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite.

Ballet Flats


These are my all-time favorite pair of shoes, ever. I’m really drawn to ballet flats with jewels on them, and these take the cake!

These are just a few of my favorite things…I have a loooong list of others, especially when it comes to music/movies and such, but I’ll save that for another blog post. 🙂

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