My Fashion Inspirations

People often ask me where I get my style inspiration from, and the truth is, there are several people I draw from! I love being inspired by an array of different people when it comes to putting together my own fashion sense, so I gathered up my top 4 most prominent inspirations that come to mind. Enjoy!

1. Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie



I seriously wish I owned every outfit she wore on the TV show. To be honest, 90% of the reason I watch the show is because of her clothes – to get inspired! Pastels and brightly-colored mini 60’s dresses? Yes please!

2. Melanie Martinez


Not only is this girl an amazingly talented singer, but her style is killer! From her makeup to her bright, whimsical clothing…I am constantly inspired by her outfits. I love her boldness and confidence in terms of fashion.

3. Lana Del Rey


I just love Lana Del Rey in general, but her style is very inspirational to me because it exudes nostalgia. Such a retro queen!

4. Marina Diamandis


Marina and the Diamonds! Love her music and her bright, eye-catching retro looks. She also wears a lot of bold colors and her style is flirty and fun. I adore her!

Honorable Mentions (other people/groups of people whose style caught my eye and I greatly admire because of it):

1. Everyone in Clueless


There are so many cute outfits – not just on the main characters but also on the extras as well – that it’s hard to catch them all! Plaids, knee-high socks, big collars, bright skirts/dresses, quirky hair accessories…ahhh, I want it all!

2. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde


Pink was clearly her favorite color, and I can relate well! There are days when I wear nothing but pink, and I feel at my best when I do, or at least have a touch of pink – whether it be accessories or my purse.

3. That time in 1995 when Twiggy Ramirez wore a bright green 1960’s dress on the Phil Donahue Show


Marilyn Manson’s bassist/guitarist Twiggy Ramirez not only wore his iconic green and white 60’s dress, but he also donned a fashionable blonde wig and retro glasses – and it all looks amazing if you ask me.



Grey Skies

My favorite kind of weather has always been cloudy days. Here in Central California, we got just that recently! It’s typically sunny here, so cloudy days are a nice change of pace.


Cloudy days inspire what kind of music I listen to. I tend to reach for a particular song or specific album on cloudy/rainy days. For me, it’s the album Pisces Iscariot by the Smashing Pumpkins. Not only is it one of my favorite albums by them, it’s also a good rainy day album for me.




Since the weather’s been cooler, I tend to sit outside more often, so the backyard is a nice spot to set up a desk and my laptop. Also snapped some random, spontaneous photography while I was at it.



Hi there.


Gingham Style


I adore the old show, Petticoat Junction. In the early episodes (it first aired in 1963), there are lots and lots of pastel colors that I find to be a dream. It’s a huge reason I’m so drawn to the sixties – lots and lots of pastels and bright colors.


Gingham has come to be one of my favorite patterns, because it just screams retro. You don’t see the style too much nowadays! I notice the pattern is seen in a lot of early 1960’s films and prior. I wish I could find more gingham clothing, maybe in other colors like red or purple. Now that’d be awesome!


I went to the fair today in my city, and I always tend to associate the gingham pattern with a carnival/fair-esque atmosphere, so I went with that look. 🙂 Sort of an homage to my favorite styles and colors I see in shows such as Petticoat Junction.

The fair was a blast – the weather was nice and cool underneath an overcast sky. 🙂

Quirky Casual Saturday


I didn’t think I’d be doing another outfit post again so soon, but I really liked my outfit today so I wanted to post some pictures of it. 🙂


I’ve always liked being bold with my style. I love bright colors, pattern mixing, bows/barrettes in my hair, eye-catching shoes, etc. Today, I’m in extra-quirky mode and went with a mustard cardigan paired with a simple grey, cotton dress and cheetah-print accessories.


Just wanted an excuse to wear my new cheetah-print bow.


Matching cheetah-print ring.


Fashion is just too much fun. I love all the colors you can pair together, mixing-and-matching, coordinating jewelry – everything. Each day I make a point to wear something fun that makes me feel confident. Gotta make yourself happy! 😉


Random, Fun Outings

These past few days have been a ton of fun – one of them being going up to the mountains, and the other was a trip to the zoo! I managed to snap some photos of both events, so I’ll start with the mountain trip.


My friend Shawn and I were headed up to Shaver Lake, CA and stopped on the side of the road at this vista point, giving a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains.


Silly me, posing…



Shaver Lake itself was soooooo beautiful, quiet, smelt like it had rained earlier, and nobody was even around since it was late Monday afternoon. It was pretty cold, but I didn’t mind too much. Being out in nature made it all worth it.



It was fun messing around with my camera and taking photos. Awesome day!

Now, Thursday (yesterday) I went to the zoo with my friend Jay…I rarely ever go to the zoo, so it was pretty fascinating to me. The #1 reason I was excited to go there was to see the Red Wolf. Well, there was actually a pack of them, but I managed to get a good photoshoot with one in particular…




Cute little guy…


I managed to squeeze in my outfit of the day…I was clearly in a pink mood! 😉

Pumpkin Time


It’s October 1st, which marks my favorite time of the year! What better way to start it than at a pumpkin patch?!

Planet Pumpkin is a really neat pumpkin patch with music, pumpkins galore, and a carnival-theme.There are also vendors (my sister sells her jewelry out there, in fact). The atmosphere is fun and festive, and I’m all about the fun-and-festive. 😉


It’s still not cold here in Central California (it was in the 70’s today), but it still has that autumn feeling. I look forward to cloudy days and the smell of rain. 🙂


Also, I discovered that Starbucks now sells Day of the Dead cookies! Too cute!