Gingham Style


I adore the old show, Petticoat Junction. In the early episodes (it first aired in 1963), there are lots and lots of pastel colors that I find to be a dream. It’s a huge reason I’m so drawn to the sixties – lots and lots of pastels and bright colors.


Gingham has come to be one of my favorite patterns, because it just screams retro. You don’t see the style too much nowadays! I notice the pattern is seen in a lot of early 1960’s films and prior. I wish I could find more gingham clothing, maybe in other colors like red or purple. Now that’d be awesome!


I went to the fair today in my city, and I always tend to associate the gingham pattern with a carnival/fair-esque atmosphere, so I went with that look. šŸ™‚ Sort of an homage to my favorite styles and colors I see in shows such as Petticoat Junction.

The fair was a blast – the weather was nice and cool underneath an overcast sky. šŸ™‚

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