My Fashion Inspirations

People often ask me where I get my style inspiration from, and the truth is, there are several people I draw from! I love being inspired by an array of different people when it comes to putting together my own fashion sense, so I gathered up my top 4 most prominent inspirations that come to mind. Enjoy!

1. Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie



I seriously wish I owned every outfit she wore on the TV show. To be honest, 90% of the reason I watch the show is because of her clothes – to get inspired! Pastels and brightly-colored mini 60’s dresses? Yes please!

2. Melanie Martinez


Not only is this girl an amazingly talented singer, but her style is killer! From her makeup to her bright, whimsical clothing…I am constantly inspired by her outfits. I love her boldness and confidence in terms of fashion.

3. Lana Del Rey


I just love Lana Del Rey in general, but her style is very inspirational to me because it exudes nostalgia. Such a retro queen!

4. Marina Diamandis


Marina and the Diamonds! Love her music and her bright, eye-catching retro looks. She also wears a lot of bold colors and her style is flirty and fun. I adore her!

Honorable Mentions (other people/groups of people whose style caught my eye and I greatly admire because of it):

1. Everyone in Clueless


There are so many cute outfits – not just on the main characters but also on the extras as well – that it’s hard to catch them all! Plaids, knee-high socks, big collars, bright skirts/dresses, quirky hair accessories…ahhh, I want it all!

2. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde


Pink was clearly her favorite color, and I can relate well! There are days when I wear nothing but pink, and I feel at my best when I do, or at least have a touch of pink – whether it be accessories or my purse.

3. That time in 1995 when Twiggy Ramirez wore a bright green 1960’s dress on the Phil Donahue Show


Marilyn Manson’s bassist/guitarist Twiggy Ramirez not only wore his iconic green and white 60’s dress, but he also donned a fashionable blonde wig and retro glasses – and it all looks amazing if you ask me.



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