Happy Thanksgiving!


Today I made sure to think about all that I’m thankful for in my life. I make a point every day to be grateful and appreciative for what I have, even the simple things like enjoying a drink at Starbucks, being thankful for good health, etc. I make sure to be thankful for all things because life can change in a blink of an eye! All we truly have is the present, so cherish the very moment you’re in. 🙂

I started the morning off taking a few photos, like the rose bush in my backyard. So pretty!




Now for today’s outfit! I went with a burgundy sweater dress, a matching belt that belonged to my mom from the 80’s, and a statement necklace with a choker. Plus, a big, sparkly hair-clip.

Hope everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving!

Too Early For Christmas…But Hey!

I guess I’m feeling some early Christmas cheer (I suspect it derives from the time I spend in Starbucks and they’re playing happy Christmas music now) because my outfit today really has a festive Christmas vibe going on. I just couldn’t wait any longer to wear this sweater!


I reeeeally love plaid, and paired with the black skirt and statement necklace, I feel like it all comes together and really pops.

Since yesterday, the weather here in Central California has significantly dropped and gotten colder. I like it, but it takes some getting used to since I’m accustomed to warmer temperatures and what not. The hot drinks, blankets, and winter-fun makes it all worth it though!



Denim N’ Dots


Some days (actually, most days) I tend to look in my closet and think to myself, What random pairing can I put together today? Today, my pick was denim with polka dots. 🙂


I rarely ever wear denim – not because I don’t like it, I just don’t seem to own anything denim. I wanted to change that and bought this denim shirt the other day at H&M, and I really love it! Super comfortable and soft.



Hope everyone is having a happy Thursday!