Blue Ribbons & Grunge Music


I ordered a super adorable detachable Peter Pan collar with a long, trailing blue ribbon off of Etsy! I’m a huge fan of the Peter Pan collar as it is, but the blue ribbon took the cake for me.


I paired it with a mustard-colored sweater to really make the blue pop. Totally love it! Especially love the fact it’s detachable, so it can be paired with any other top.


Overall, my outfit had a quirky, almost school-girl look to it. It’s gotten really cold here, so I’ve had to trade in my sheer nylons for sturdier, opaque tights!  I don’t want to freeze, lol.


Speaking of cold weather, I ended the chilly night by staying warm in F.Y.E. (seriously one of my favorite stores ever!) to browse for a used album to try out. The store has lots to offer (movies, music, posters, clothing, fun merchandise, etc.) but I generally go there to buy used CD’s of a bygone era. I gravitate towards the 90’s era for my music, so I left with Alice in Chains’ Dirt album.

Grunge has always been a genre that’s intrigued me, but I realized I’ve never really listened to Alice in Chains. When I got home, I warmed up with some Peppermint Chocolate Tea from World Market and popped in the album into my computer. I must say – the album is great! I like the muddy, gritty, overall tone it has.

This was an outfit-of-the-day/music mash-up, wasn’t it? Actually, this inspired me to do my next blog post solely on music!

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy! Make sure to enjoy a warm cup of something and appreciate the little moments. 🙂


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