Outfits of the Week…

This week flew by, but I managed to capture some photos of my outfits and shenanigans during this very cold and rainy week!


First off, I was able to sit outside on Tuesday afternoon and truly enjoy the beautiful foliage and cloudy weather before the rain started in last night. This is my favorite time of year seeing all the gorgeous colors of the leaves!


I needed a professional outfit on Monday and went with thisssssss! I really like how the outfit turned out, and I went with a more conservative purse rather than my usual pink one with a gigantic sequin bow on it. I never know how to look professional so I always end up throwing a pearl necklace on to make it look a little more sharp.


Ahhh, scarves. I love them, but they tend to get in the way with my hair, haha. Still, I wore a simple plaid scarf yesterday to jazz up my outfit (and also to stay warm). 😛


It’s cold and rainy outside today, and you’d think I’d learn my lesson and wear warmer opaque tights, but as you can see, I didn’t. Even so, I wore my big, comfy red sweater with a blouse underneath and my polka dot navy blue skirt!


Last but not least, last night I indulged in these delectable, ultra-cute macarons! These were lavender and lemon flavored. Soooo delicious!

That’s all folks! Hope everyone is having a splendid week!



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