Tights Season


I’ve gotten back into wearing knee-highs (well, these are tights, but give the illusion of being knee-highs!). Tights like these are fun and add some sass to any outfit, and I have two pairs that I really like. One would be the above, which have little black hearts dotted along the top. 🙂


The lighting outside was so bad this morning. :/ Still! I managed to get a somewhat decent picture of my beloved cat tights.  I haven’t worn ’em since last winter, so I was all-too happy to bring them out again.



I made that little Santa ring. It can be found on my Etsy shop. 🙂

It’s cold today, but not as cold as it has been the past few days. Also, I’m going to go see Rogue One today in a few hours and I’m highly looking forward to it! I’m such a Star Wars junkie.

I hope everyone’s enjoying these few days left leading up to Christmas. Time has flown this past year, it feels like!

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