Artistic Endeavors

I decided to stop by my local art store and pick up a tablet of paper specifically designed for Prismacolor pencils. I was an art student some years ago and during college I always found Prismacolor to be my favorite medium. I tended to produce the best works when I used it, and I realized I haven’t drawn anything with them in a long time.


I’m better at drawing still life, so I chose some macarons to draw and I really like how they turned out. I then pushed it a bit further and included…


…a cupcake. I guess I was in a pastry mood? I love working with colors, so the brighter, the better! Ultimately, I’m glad I’ve gone back to my drawing hobby and I plan on doing more artwork here in the near future, just so I don’t get rusty. 🙂 There really is something about drawing that relaxes the mind, and it’s such a solitary activity, which is another reason why I love it.



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