Electric Blue

You can probably see me literally from three miles away today, even with the fog we have going on here, because this blue dress is BRIGHT! January days are a bit bleak and cold, so sometimes I just want some brightness going on.



It’s brighter in person, but yes, I really do love this dress! I don’t wear it very often, for some reason. Today I decided to just be an explosion of color, because why not…plus I really do love this Betsey Johnson bag and try to use it as much as I can, since it doesn’t always go with everything. Typically, I use my pale pink Betsey Johnson bag, since it easily goes with most of my outfits.

So, bright pink and bright blue…I think it works! 😀


Sooooo…I’ve been inspired by other bloggers and, quite honestly, Pinterest, to keep a personal planner, and to adorn it with stickers to liven it up! I just bought this cute mini-planner from Target, which fits sleekly in my purse. Now I just need to buy stickers for it, which I’ll probably get from Amazon:


I love these!

Now honestly, I really don’t have a bustling social life by any means, or really even that much going on haha, but some days there are things I need to do, and also I like to write down birthdays of friends and family so I don’t forget. My whole goal for this year is to be more organized and keep track of things, and also to maintain sources of inspiration and positivity. Hence, the stickers. 🙂

Enjoy your Monday!

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