Pastel Frenzy

I just recently bought a pastel, vintage gingham skirt online that I can’t wait to get! Once I do, you know I’ll blog about it. LOL! I also have a sky blue skirt and a mint green skirt on the way in the mail, too. I’m so excited about it that it’s probably not normal.

But for today…

More yellow. Lemon-y goodness.



I’m really becoming obsessed with this color, friends. Also, I have this weird obsession with two varied hues of the same color (i.e., pale yellow with a brighter shade of yellow).


I love my gigantic hair…


These shoes! They’re my favorite that I own. Gold and jewels paired together…yes please!





By the end of writing this post, I now realize I look like a banana. I finally figured it out.

Nonetheless, I’m really liking this outfit today! Can’t wait for my other skirts to arrive in the mail, just in time for spring. I will look like a walking Easter egg soon enough!

Anyone else a huge fan of pastels? 🙂



Down By the River…

Today I did something totally different and went with a friend of mine to the outskirts of town and hung out by a random river (not even sure which one, somewhere in Madera County? Haha). It was beautiful outside but so chilly…kinda ruined the fun because I didn’t want to stay long…it’d help if I actually dressed appropriately for the weather, too. 😛


Took some random shots in my house, wearing my red ensemble. The little blazer and the dress are very old clothes I’ve had for years upon years…can’t even remember where I got them from.


Strawberry hairclip. 🙂


The river was very placid and still…so calming! Finally a cloudless day,  to boot.


Happy…but so cold, haha.


Finished the morning at Kuppa Joy coffee shop…could not get over how beautiful the latte art was!

Happy Friday! 😉



After doing a line of Spring-themed rings for my Etsy shop, I started thinking about the importance of motivation. Just thinking back on how much has changed in the past year really made me feel good about where I am in life!

It took me a long time to finally decide to start an Etsy shop. I felt nervous, insecure, and the thought of doom hovering over my head was: “What if it doesn’t sell?”

Then, finally, in the great words of Shia LaBeouf himself, I told myself…


All joking aside, I really did reach a point where I told myself: who cares if it doesn’t sell?  The point is to try and put yourself out there, and share your passion with others! 🙂

So think of whatever you truly are passionate about, whether it be music, art, craftsmanship…if you feel the need to share it with the world, just do it. There is no failure! To try is to succeed in itself.



Believing in yourself is the hardest challenge, but it brings with it so many rewards. It’s good to stay motivated and create new dreams and goals, however small. You don’t need to make it big to be successful…success is measured by you, and you alone.


So smile big, and smile often! Be happy and have a heart full of gratitude. Find your passion or whatever makes you happy and go for it. Happiness comes from within and can shine out of us like sun beams. 🙂

Purple Haze


I’m all about flower power, simply because I’d much rather be skipping through a field of daisies and butterflies anyway. So today, I went with a very flower power look and some purple on purple!




Purple and gold are two color combinations I really love, and find myself wearing often. I matched my eyeshadow with my shirt, and the eyeshadow is from NYX. So that’s today’s look! I had to take advantage of the sun being out. 🙂

Happy Sunday!


It Was All Yellow…


I took a string of goofy pics yesterday, all while donning one of my favorite new dresses I got at a thrift store! I have a thing for yellow lately, especially pale yellow. It definitely has a retro vibe, and pastels make me feel super feminine.

Also, I’m wearing a long-sleeve nude shirt underneath. In some of these pics, it looks like my arms are bare, but they aren’t, haha. Too cold for that!




Balancing act? Not sure what I’m doing there…

It’s been gloomy weather so I guess I’m trying to be my own sunshine, haha. I seriously adore pastels and want to try more colors…maybe lavender, or mint green…colors like that.

Have a happy Wednesday!

New Items!


Yesterday was a gloriously awesome day, having sold two rings in my Etsy shop (yay!) and shipping them out. I was seriously ecstatic, because I hadn’t sold anything in awhile. :/ I’m sure people wondered why I looked so happy to be at the post office.

Since I sold two, I made two new ones to keep my shop full. Although, I really do need to make at least two more. I need more color variations to choose from and what not!


Cheetah Print Daze


I can not believe it’s February already. I’m not a fan of February but I’m looking forward to March – upcoming spring time! Today there’s a chance of rain, so it’s a bit gloomy but it’s warm, which is nice. 🙂


Today’s outfit, I went with one of my favorite sweaters – a cheetah print one, and a matching hair bow.




Today I’m just enjoying the outdoors and sitting on the patio, and also having high hopes for a potential job offer as a marketing assistant! I really hope I end up getting it, but if not, there will be other options eventually. I’ve taken a long look at what will make me completely happy these last few days…and at this point, a new job definitely will! I have a supportive mom and sister, good hobbies, a few close friends and now I just need the job. Then I will truly feel happy.

Find what makes you happy and do it!!! That’s all I can really say. 🙂