Learning From Failure


I’ll try to convey this post as silver-lining-inspiration. Yeah, that’s what I’ll call it! 😉

We’ve all been there: trying to do everything correctly, keeping everything smooth sailing, and then we trip and fall flat on our face. Whether it be an external issue beyond our control or whatever doubt-whispering demons we may have in our head that derail our peace of mind, we fall down.

It can be heartbreaking, and perspective-shifting.

No matter how hard we try to be perfect, we can’t be. There will always come a time when our vulnerabilities take over and we slip. Mistakes are made, things are said. The damage may be repairable–then again, sometimes it isn’t.

Where do we go from here? I think by default, we try our best not to feel the pain we are going through. However, sometimes it is best to allow ourselves to feel it, to understand it, and to tell ourselves it’s okay to feel it. The human experience is a fragile one with many trials and errors, and sometimes there is no understanding it.

With every failure comes the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves–to improve in some way and move forward with a newfound self-understanding. ❤

Keep Smiling! 🙂



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