If You Have Ghosts


I am STILL overjoyed about last night!!!!! I will try to calm down…hahaha!

Last night, I went downtown to see a much-anticipated concert I’ve been dying to go to, because I’m a huge fan. I went to see Ghost, and if you haven’t heard of them, they’re a Swedish heavy metal band that is very controversial for both their attire and song lyrics.

They played at a small venue, in-between touring with Iron Maiden. This was a stand-alone show, and lucky me, they came to my city!

For my outfit, I had to wear my Ghost shirt! The picture is from their debut album. I was super happy I went with a white and pink ensemble, because nearly everyone at the concert was wearing black!



Can’t go without my girly accessories as a final touch! 


These guys are AMAZINGLY talented. They’re very interactive with the crowd, and they know how to own the stage effortlessly! I was insanely happy and even emotional (LOL) because I never thought I’d get the chance to see these guys live, much less in my own city.

Also, I totally became a dreamy-eyed, lovestruck sap when the lead singer sang a few lines of a song and was walking slowly towards my end of the stage, staring right at me. My life feels complete now?? ❤ LOL!

What a night I’ll always remember! I’m still floating above the ground today! 🙂 Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!



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