Golden Hues


Happy Saturday, folks!

It’s another great day, and I’m excited that my Jutti flats arrived in the mail yesterday! It was lightning-fast shipping, to say the least. They came all the way from India, and I only ordered them last week on Ebay! I included photos below… of course. 🙂


I’ve been digging around some of my old jewelry boxes and discovered a few little rings I used to wear as a child. I can’t believe how cute they are, and they really do add something in a delicate, cute way. ❤


FullSizeRender copy



The shoes are waaaaay prettier in person and went beyond my expectations! They are very, very sparkly, especially when the sun hits them. I assumed the bottoms of the shoe would just be a thin, flat material, but they actually have a sporty grip so you’re not likely to slip!  I was pleasantly surprised by this feature.


Iced Mocha from Starbucks…my favorite drink…buy me this and I am happy. 😀

I’m taking it easy this weekend from artistic endeavors! I did a drawing for someone, then finished up a craft project I was paid for, so I can finally take a deep breath and relax (for now). 😛

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! ❤


9 thoughts on “Golden Hues

  1. Your shoes are really stunning and, as you said in your previous post, indeed princess-like! I love that they’re neutral to wear with lots of outfits but anything but basic. Also, cute rings! It’s always fun to rediscover old fashion favorites, especially ones with sentimental value. I once wore a pair of lime plaid polyester pants I found in the attic. They were still cute but never quite lost that attic-y smell. Good thing that’s not a problem with jewelry!

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