Mustard & Mint


Hello, friends!

Another week begins, and I hope everyone had a rejuvenating and fun weekend. ❤ I spent time with friends, family, and really just took it easy.

For today’s outfit, I went for an interesting color combination – a mustard and mint look? Food-wise, doesn’t sound appetizing at all! Hahaha…




It’s BRIGHT, lol…



I LOVE this flower hairpin I bought at Forever 21 awhile back! It adds a fun, free-spirit vibe to any outfit and is perfect for summertime. Guess I felt like dressing super bright today. 😉


Now as I mentioned a few posts ago, I bought those LED candles to put in my backyard to create a nice ambiance…and they turned out really neat! I managed to get decent photos of it in the dark…



These things are really pretty and have a natural-looking flame effect, to where the light flickers like a real candle would! It’s awesome. It was all great until it started to attract BUGS. That was the end for me and I took the candles inside…however! They are just as enchanting indoors for your room, or wherever you choose to put them. 🙂 You can find them easily on Amazon!

I hope everyone has a great Monday! ❤



2 thoughts on “Mustard & Mint

  1. Mustard and mint — love the funny food wordplay! I like the color combination, too; the mustard really highlights the brightness of the mint. These colors also look very retro to me, say, 1970s. I’m sure this has something to do with the lace-up style of the top!

    By the way, I ordered two of these skater skirts from Amazon, one in red and one in pink. The material is so nice! I can’t wait to wear and photograph them. Thanks for the tip!

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