Ending Summer…


Look at those clouds! 🙂

What a beautiful morning it was here today. Okay, it was muggy. BUT!!! The pretty clouds made for an exceptionally gorgeous day start-off.



Another simple but cute outfit to stay cool. 🙂 There’s something so sweet about pink and white, isn’t there? I love the colors together. Reminds me of candy. ❤




Bada bing bada boom…or is it bada boom bada bing?

Who else is ready for pumpkin spice everything?! 😛 I am really looking forward to being able to order a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino at Starbucks. SO GOOD, and a fall must-have!



Well folks, I hope you are enjoying your week! I sure am and I have two cute new pairs of shoes I plan to show in my next blog post! ❤



Zombie Queen


Happy weekend! ❤ I had a great work week and it’s a lovely weekend so far. 🙂 I hope everyone is having a blast, wherever you are in the world!

Today, I wanted to wear one of my favorite shirts I own and pair it with a pretty floral ensemble to make it girly and sweet! I’ve shown this shirt before in another post, when I saw Ghost in concert back in June.

It got reeeeeeally hot again (105 degrees today) so I aimed to wear something both cute and comfortable! Gotta enjoy these last days of summer before it begins to cool down, and fall will be here before you know it. I LOVE fall, so that’s fine with me, but I really do appreciate warmer weather.




I attached my favorite floral felt pin to the side of my skirt for added cuteness. You can find cute pins and other goodies here at The Tote Trove on Etsy!

The eerie band tee and the florals create a rather interesting dichotomy. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! See you next time!




So…yeah! I got a new job!


Funny enough, hardly anyone I know in real life knows about this. LOL!

I’m waiting to share it with people I know outside of my family for a bit longer. I’m in the trial period where I really have to prove myself, but I don’t think it will be an issue at all because I really really love it and enjoy what I do! Most of my readers are fellow bloggers, and I don’t think people I know in real life read my blog anyway so it’ll be our little secret for the time being. 😛

I’m working as a full-time graphic designer at a publishing company!!! It’s so surreal! Never would I have thought in a million years I’d be so fortunate to have this opportunity. This is what I got my degree in, so if I continue to work hard and do well, this will be my career! ❤

Ahhhhh…I am so excited, lol!


What a pleasant and sweet surprise this was! I’ve never felt so welcomed before. 🙂 I really love how easygoing everyone is and it’s a very stress-free environment.


The basics of going to work each day now! Notebook filled with notes (still need to get more familiar with InDesign) and my favorite pink Starbucks mug. It’s nice getting up early and then going to an office where I have my own desk. 😉

Below are some work-inspired outfits. Today I wore the white blouse and green skirt ensemble. ❤







Here’s to new beginnings! So happy to be starting a new chapter in my life. ❤

I hope everyone is having a great week! Happy Thursday!


Solar Eclipse!


Greetings, earthlings! Who else got to see the solar eclipse?! (Note: I made yet another headband, and those are sunflower buttons, but could easily pass for little suns, no?)

I make it sound like I was in the path of totality. Nope! Still, I saw a change in the sky color and shadows on the ground over the span of an hour before it reached its peak of 75% totality, so I generally enjoyed the experience nonetheless! 🙂

I actually wore this outfit yesterday, but I was probably subconsciously anticipating the solar eclipse. I get really into things…






I saved the best for last…


Are you ready…?


…the pencil shoes are BACK.

As in, I haven’t worn them in like 3 years! I’m not sure why, or maybe I thought they didn’t pair well with my outfits, but I gave them another go and now I’ve fallen in love with them again. I bought them on ModCloth long ago, but they must be popular because they still have them available!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and your week is starting out nicely! ❤



Hello and happy Friday to you all!!!

I had an exciting week and, I’m happy to say I sold my mug I mentioned a few blog posts ago! It is sold and I’d like to add more mugs into my shop in the future. Can’t believe it’s already gone and it sold much faster than I would’ve imagined! You just never know. 🙂

It seems I have continued on with another black and white outfit?! I really love this outfit because it has a studious look to it.

Okay, maybe the book is what’s contributing to that vibe. 😉




I’m not using this book as a prop, either! 😉 I’m actually deep into the book now and I have to say, it is one of the best military books I have ever read. I love military books so that says a lot.

No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah is very in-depth and detailed, yet reads very easily to where you understand what’s going on and feel like you’re part of the action. For anyone interested in learning more about the conflict in Iraq, I highly recommend it. I can’t put this book down, and I find myself pushing the limits of when I should go to sleep just to keep reading! 🙂 I managed to get this in hard cover, which is a rare edition apparently. Score!

Being in high school when this was going on in 2004/2005, I didn’t truly take the time to understand what was happening. I’d see coverage on the news, or I’d cut out articles and pictures from the newspaper since I was curious about it. Still, I think I was too young to really understand, and I have learned so much about it from reading this book!

I was in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet program for 3 years in high school and many of my cadet friends went on to graduate high school and join the military, eventually going overseas. I pursued a different career path, but I still have a big interest in military stuff and feel the desire to know what goes on abroad, since I know many people who have served.


Since I’ve been reading it, it’s brought back memories of 2004 and how I spent two weeks of my summer at Lemoore Naval Air Station as a cadet, learning about Naval aircraft. I basically just watched the servicemen and servicewomen at work, and they showed us how they worked on fighter jets, which was so cool and an experience I’ll never forget!

Aside from the fighter jet awesomeness, one thing I’ve always remembered was something that was said to me by a U.S. Marine while I was there. Myself and a few other cadets were standing around in the hangar, and this Marine was asking us questions. Everyone was chiming in with their responses except me (I was a super shy sixteen-year-old, by the way). I basically just nodded in silent agreement with everyone else.

Afterwards, he pulled me aside and asked me, “Why do you let others speak for you?”

Yikes. I didn’t have an answer for that, and he was asking with general curiosity and not in an admonishing tone, either. If I remember correctly, I just sort of shrugged, wide-eyed, like a deer in headlights.

“You should speak up for yourself,” he told me. His tone was firm but he softened it a bit with a small smile before walking away and going about his business. I knew he was genuinely trying to be helpful and not critical, because he could have easily called me out on it in front of everyone, but this was away from the group.

Well, that was thirteen years ago and I STILL think about his comment from time-to-time! Sometimes I still struggle to speak up when needed, but I’m way better at it now. No lie, I will think of his words on occasion and it’s like a reminder to me. I have no idea who he was or what may have happened to him, considering it was 2004 and a lot of Marines were being sent over to Iraq. Seriously though, whoever you were, THANK YOU! 🙂 Words I’ll never forget!


I know this post somehow transitioned from an outfit post to a book review to an inspirational story, but it happens, LOL.

I don’t typically wear stripes but I really like the whole black-and-white look with my new, dark green skater skirt from Amazon! I have ordered so many in different colors, haha!

Enjoy your weekend! ❤



Noir et Blanc


Hello, world! ❤

I write to you today on this beautiful Tuesday, enjoying the unseasonably cool day here where it’s only 80 degrees right now! Remarkable!

My outfit today is fancier than usual, so I took some shots of it early this morning.


The early morning light created a really pretty lighting concept. I don’t wear pearls typically, so it was nice for a change and it really dressed up the outfit – especially with the black bow belt!



I look like I’m about to fight someone…?



I really like this outfit! Black and white aren’t usually colors I wear together, but I really like the pairing and it creates a beautiful contrast that really catches the eye.

As you can see, I have my delicious iced mocha from Starbucks and a scenic view to boot as I write this post. I can’t get over how beautiful the weather is today, so I’m trying to soak it up while I can. 🙂


So long! 😛

I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! ❤


Contemporary Art Spotlight: Kabul Art Project

Good afternoon and happy Monday! I’m happy to say that I did, in fact, have the relaxing weekend I hoped for. I hope everyone reading had a refreshing and relaxing weekend and is ready to take on the new week ahead! ❤

For this blog post, I wanted to write about an Art Project I’m very interested in – and that is, the Kabul Art Project

“As recently as twelve years ago, each artistic work was prohibited by the Taliban under penalty of death. And even today artists find themselves in dangerous situations caused by their work and find little acceptance and support…Kabul Art Project supports and promotes Contemporary Afghan Art across the borders. On exhibitions, through sales of original art and online promotion the Artists are able to show an image of Afghanistan, that had been unknown to most people.” – kabulartproject.com

I recently learned about Kabul Art Project when I came across a video on YouTube about Shamsia Hassani, who is the first female graffiti artist and first 3D street art artist of Afghanistan. A lot of her art depicts women in burqas in symbolic shapes, which I find to be beautifully expressive with a modern edge.

What’s amazing to me is that we are able to see artwork that depicts a part of the world that most of us know little about and would not be able to see otherwise. For me personally, I think it’s important to see life through the eyes of others who have experienced much different circumstances.

If you’re interested, you can check out the work of each artist who is part of Kabul Art Project here. All of their artwork is amazing and tells a unique story of their own, with commentary by the artist! They also accept donations, which contributes to framing artwork and keeping their website up.

I believe in the power of hope, and a project such as this exudes just that. ❤ I wanted to share! Have a lovely Monday!


Roses & Lace



It just flew by. I blinked, and it was gone. So I’ll finish the week off with a simple outfit post!


I typically wear light-colored clothes, so this is a nice change of pace. I love the little rose details and the feminine lace. Although it’s kind of too hot to be wearing right now!! I thought, Why am I wearing long sleeves on a 99 degree day? 




Staring off into the horizon…actually I was watching two repairmen walking on the roof across the street, fixing someone’s air conditioner.


And there we have it, peeps! I think I bought this dress at Forever 21. I love belts, don’t you? I think a belt really pulls an outfit together. I tend to always go for a brown belt.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I plan to relax, as it feels like I’ve been in go-go-go mode this past week, doing a million things at once. Its’ important to stop and relax, and it’s okay to not do anything sometimes! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! ❤




Super Exciting News!


So hard to control my excitement right now!!!

Quick recap: My Etsy shop, PinkBopp, is a jewelry-centered shop where I make statement rings and necklaces. However, as of today, I’ve officially expanded my shop to include coffee mugs and – soon – greeting cards featuring my artwork!

I’m ridiculously happy about this because I’m finally getting my artwork out there! I’ve always wanted to showcase my art in a unique way, I just never really sat down to figure out how. I have my BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration, and I feel like I’m finally utilizing it to its true creative potential in my own little way!

IMG_7319 copy

Watermark not included on the actual mug! 😉




I love the fact that it’s two-toned! Pink is definitely the color I use most in my work, so I’m happy it was an option.

I’d like to take a moment to make a shout-out to Zazzle! If you’ve ever wanted to print your own custom mugs, greeting cards, business cards, clothing, accessories, you name it, for a very decent price, then Zazzle is your place to go! It’s seriously my new best friend, haha! It’s a very user-friendly website and makes it simple to get your artwork out there, or to print anything custom. I seriously am so thankful I discovered the website and now have them as a production partner on Etsy!


Can you tell how excited I am? LOL!

Have a Fantastic Thursday! ❤



Pretty Little Cupcakes


This is another DIY headband post with an outfit of the day…I know, I know…I’ve been making a LOT of headbands lately!


I’ve wanted a cupcake headband for a long time, just because I thought it’d be cute and I’m all about the cute things. ❤ I made this using buttons I bought at Joann’s for only $2.99! There are more cupcake buttons that came in the packet, and I turned them into a ring.



Very fun accessories that are ultra sweet and add some quirkiness!


Pink and purple just feels right to go along with the cupcake headband, don’t you think?

Well folks, I hope you’re doing great this mid-week! Apart from working, I’ve just been making stuff, brainstorming new creative ideas and enjoying life. 🙂

Until next time!

Have a Beautiful Day! ❤


Cupcake photo courtesy of LoveThisPic.