Pretty Little Cupcakes


This is another DIY headband post with an outfit of the day…I know, I know…I’ve been making a LOT of headbands lately!


I’ve wanted a cupcake headband for a long time, just because I thought it’d be cute and I’m all about the cute things. ❤ I made this using buttons I bought at Joann’s for only $2.99! There are more cupcake buttons that came in the packet, and I turned them into a ring.



Very fun accessories that are ultra sweet and add some quirkiness!


Pink and purple just feels right to go along with the cupcake headband, don’t you think?

Well folks, I hope you’re doing great this mid-week! Apart from working, I’ve just been making stuff, brainstorming new creative ideas and enjoying life. 🙂

Until next time!

Have a Beautiful Day! ❤


Cupcake photo courtesy of LoveThisPic.


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