Noir et Blanc


Hello, world! ❤

I write to you today on this beautiful Tuesday, enjoying the unseasonably cool day here where it’s only 80 degrees right now! Remarkable!

My outfit today is fancier than usual, so I took some shots of it early this morning.


The early morning light created a really pretty lighting concept. I don’t wear pearls typically, so it was nice for a change and it really dressed up the outfit – especially with the black bow belt!



I look like I’m about to fight someone…?



I really like this outfit! Black and white aren’t usually colors I wear together, but I really like the pairing and it creates a beautiful contrast that really catches the eye.

As you can see, I have my delicious iced mocha from Starbucks and a scenic view to boot as I write this post. I can’t get over how beautiful the weather is today, so I’m trying to soak it up while I can. 🙂


So long! 😛

I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! ❤


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