Roses & Lace



It just flew by. I blinked, and it was gone. So I’ll finish the week off with a simple outfit post!


I typically wear light-colored clothes, so this is a nice change of pace. I love the little rose details and the feminine lace. Although it’s kind of too hot to be wearing right now!! I thought, Why am I wearing long sleeves on a 99 degree day? 




Staring off into the horizon…actually I was watching two repairmen walking on the roof across the street, fixing someone’s air conditioner.


And there we have it, peeps! I think I bought this dress at Forever 21. I love belts, don’t you? I think a belt really pulls an outfit together. I tend to always go for a brown belt.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I plan to relax, as it feels like I’ve been in go-go-go mode this past week, doing a million things at once. Its’ important to stop and relax, and it’s okay to not do anything sometimes! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! ❤




Super Exciting News!


So hard to control my excitement right now!!!

Quick recap: My Etsy shop, PinkBopp, is a jewelry-centered shop where I make statement rings and necklaces. However, as of today, I’ve officially expanded my shop to include coffee mugs and – soon – greeting cards featuring my artwork!

I’m ridiculously happy about this because I’m finally getting my artwork out there! I’ve always wanted to showcase my art in a unique way, I just never really sat down to figure out how. I have my BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration, and I feel like I’m finally utilizing it to its true creative potential in my own little way!

IMG_7319 copy

Watermark not included on the actual mug! 😉




I love the fact that it’s two-toned! Pink is definitely the color I use most in my work, so I’m happy it was an option.

I’d like to take a moment to make a shout-out to Zazzle! If you’ve ever wanted to print your own custom mugs, greeting cards, business cards, clothing, accessories, you name it, for a very decent price, then Zazzle is your place to go! It’s seriously my new best friend, haha! It’s a very user-friendly website and makes it simple to get your artwork out there, or to print anything custom. I seriously am so thankful I discovered the website and now have them as a production partner on Etsy!


Can you tell how excited I am? LOL!

Have a Fantastic Thursday! ❤



Pretty Little Cupcakes


This is another DIY headband post with an outfit of the day…I know, I know…I’ve been making a LOT of headbands lately!


I’ve wanted a cupcake headband for a long time, just because I thought it’d be cute and I’m all about the cute things. ❤ I made this using buttons I bought at Joann’s for only $2.99! There are more cupcake buttons that came in the packet, and I turned them into a ring.



Very fun accessories that are ultra sweet and add some quirkiness!


Pink and purple just feels right to go along with the cupcake headband, don’t you think?

Well folks, I hope you’re doing great this mid-week! Apart from working, I’ve just been making stuff, brainstorming new creative ideas and enjoying life. 🙂

Until next time!

Have a Beautiful Day! ❤


Cupcake photo courtesy of LoveThisPic.


DIY Statement Headbands

And a new week begins! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and you’re well-rested. ❤

I notice that many headbands have the metal base, and that will give me a headache within five minutes of putting it on. So, I have to pass on many cute headbands because I don’t want to wear something that’s going to hurt my head.

That’s why I’ve been on a roll making my own headbands that are pain-free! I make them on fabric headbands, which don’t hurt. These aren’t in my Etsy shop or anything; I just make them for myself to wear.


Some days I just want to be a mermaid, honestly. Taking some seashell buttons I bought at Joann’s, and some little flower buttons, I glued them onto the headband.


Et voilà! I can feel like an inland California mermaid whenever I feel like it. (I think Tracy’s blog post on The Tote Trove with mermaid-inspired fashion is what got me thinking about mermaids).


Since the sunlight makes seeing the details on the ring difficult, here’s a picture of the seashell ring I made a few months ago! Probably my favorite statement ring I’ve ever made.


This is off-topic, but this shirt!!! I have to explain what I did. Originally, it was a T-shirt shape. Saturday night I couldn’t sleep, so I was looking through my clothes and decided to try altering the shirt. I took scissors to it and thought, Let’s see how this goes, which is typically how I think when it comes to altering clothing, hahaaa! It was a success and I re-made it into a flirty, off-the-shoulder top. ❤


For this headband, I used some unusual pieces! The small flowers were actually old rings that were wearing down (I removed the ring backs), and the large, colorful flowers are earrings my mom wore in the 80’s. I don’t wear earrings, so I included them on the headband to really make it pop.


I really love how this headband turned out! I’m getting into bolder headbands, and this one is one of my favorites so far. Headbands can really perk up an outfit, very easily. 🙂


This is what I used for the glue! It holds really well. Just make sure to let it dry overnight, and it doesn’t budge. I use this for making jewelry, as well. Good stuff!

I hope you enjoyed reading! I love to make my own stuff if I’m able to because it truly feels original and one-of-a-kind. Good luck and have fun making your own DIY projects! The sky’s the limit. 😉

Enjoy your Monday! ❤





Art Hop Night!


Once a month, my artist friend and I go to Art Hop. It’s downtown, and really a lot of fun! You get to see a lot of people and chat with artists who display their beautiful work. There’s so much variety that it’s impossible to not be in awe!

I went with a bright colored outfit, of course. The daisy headband always adds a splash of fun. ❤





This was unexpected. That is rain, as you can see. Although I knew there was a chance of rain this week, the probability is always low here, especially in the summer! But, what do you know – it happened.  ❤




Really loved this exhibit, because it had that very 60’s pop culture/space age vibe going on! So cool. There were so many amazing art exhibits, both inside the galleries and on the street. It always inspires me to keep creating my own art, as well. ❤


We stopped by this coffee shop downtown called The Brew. It’s small and very cute, with a personable atmosphere. I had an iced raspberry mocha. Sooooo good, and the raspberry wasn’t overpowering at all – a nice hint that really complimented the mocha.

Overall, it was a very fun night and I look forward to next month’s show!

While we’re on the subject of art, I wanted to share some of my own, as I’m in the process of getting my art portfolio together…




Coffee & Croissant Time!


Feminine Hues

Folks, I’m not used to doing abstract art as pictured above, because I love going into details. However! It’s a lot more fun than I thought. Getting messy with colors and creating a paired art piece was a fun concept. 🙂

Have a happy Friday! ❤

10 Life Lessons!

Usually I do outfit posts because they’re fun, but today I wanted to set aside some time to talk about life lessons I’ve learned so far, and just maybe it can help someone out there who happens to stumble upon this post! ❤

First off, everyone is different, but these life lessons are just written from the heart and based on personal experience. Hope you enjoy!

FullSizeRender copy

#1. Don’t ever feel bad about how you choose to express yourself to the world!

As long as you aren’t harming others or doing something illegal obviously, the way you choose to express yourself is your own unique choice and you should embrace it! Whether it be through art, makeup, fashion, blogging, etc. – that’s your choice of self-expression and what makes you happy.

I dress for myself, but I do appreciate it when people come up to me and say that I “brightened their day.” If I make someone smile, then I feel extra happy, and spreading happiness is what I aspire to do in this life, as well as helping others.


#2. Bring your ideas to life, even if you think it might “fail”!

This is super important. For the longest time, I let my Etsy shop idea just sit in my head. Finally last year, I decided to put a few rings in my shop. I now have nearly 30 items in my shop! I already knew that my style of jewelry wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I did it because I simply wanted to share my designs.

I haven’t made too many sales, but just knowing a handful of women have my rings in their jewelry collection is enough to make me infinitely happy! I refuse to give up. 🙂 Also, you only fail if you don’t try at all.


#3. Take things one day at a time!

I can be impatient and want to see results immediately, which simply doesn’t happen most of the time. I think it’s best to remember that things can change super quickly, and a lot of the time, it happens out of nowhere. You never know if the stepping stones you are taking are about to lead to something big!

#4. Don’t let the negativity of others or inner-negativity bring you down!

Staying positive in a world that seems to constantly find ways to knock you down is an uphill battle. It used to be really hard for me to fight off my inner doubts and the occasional unkind words of others. Eventually though, I started to appreciate myself and all of my quirks, and I’m way more relaxed now! I can be really awkward and I used to dislike it and view it negatively, but now I find my awkwardness to be endearing and I own it! It’s what makes me who I am. There’s only one you!


#5. It takes time for self-improvement!

We all have our own struggles, and getting through them starts from within. Make sure you want to improve yourself for you and that you genuinely want to. I always want to be a better person each day, so I do my best to take action daily in being the best version of myself. Of course, we all have our bad days! Cut yourself some slack. 😉

#6. Don’t be afraid of taking some risks!

For the longest time, I was deathly afraid of driving on the freeway. A lot of people saw this as no big deal, but for me, it was like…


Slowly, I’d try taking the freeway just for a mile or so and then get off on the nearest exit. Then, I’d go for a few miles. Next thing you know, I’m effortlessly maneuvering the lanes in my Challenger like it was no big deal, and I now use the freeway daily! I even drove 20 miles out of town earlier this week, which I felt really proud of. However big or small, don’t be afraid to take some risks!

#7. Also, don’t be afraid to fall in love!

This may sound silly, but it really applies to me. As someone who has spent the majority of my life single and felt most comfortable that way, it can be super scary when someone comes along that you have intense feelings for. Yes, it makes me happy, but it’s also scary for me because I embrace solitude so much. People assume I’m a social butterfly because I like to go out and do things and I spend time with friends and go to events, but I’m very  introverted and enjoy time by myself as well. So, letting someone into my little world can be a challenge for me, as well as trust. However, fear holds us back. 🙂 It’s okay if it doesn’t work out! Sometimes we’re only meant to be with someone for a certain amount of time to learn from each other, so it’s still a positive experience either way! Don’t be afraid to share how you feel…very important lesson. ❤

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves.” – Thomas Merton

#8. Make sure to surround yourself with people who embrace you, and you embrace them!

I’m not saying to only surround yourself with people who agree with you, by the way! Some of the most enlightening friendships/guys I have gone out with were very different from me in their way of thinking. I learned so much, not only about them, but about myself. It also helped me discover a path to self-improvement. Having like-minded friends is a great thing, but it’s also good to meet people who challenge you and you see a different perspective outside of your own, because it helps you grow. That being said, always stay true to yourself, of course! Embrace the differences, and embrace each other!

#9. Be enthusiastic to try new things!

I’m not a good cook. Finally, I decided I wanted to change that! I started off simple, like making an easy Spanish appetizer, and it turned out really good! I like to experiment with new meal ideas, and so far, I’ve liked what I’ve made. I’m really glad I gave it a try, and proved to myself that I can indeed make some good food. Trying new things gives us more experience and helps us discover our potential.

#10. Appreciate what you have at this very moment!

Friends, family, your significant other, the coffee you’re currently drinking, your job – everything! We never know when things will take an unexpected turn, and even if you’re going through a rough patch, there is somebody somewhere else who has it even worse than you do. I will ask myself: if I were to be gone tomorrow, am I happy with where my friends and family relationships are right now? Are they in good standing? Also, let go of grudges and forgive more easily. It’s good for the soul, and for everyone. ❤


I hope you enjoyed these life lessons! I hope it inspires you in some way. Have a happy Wednesday! ❤





Garden Party


I had time to kill this evening and I figured – what better way to spend it than by frolicking around my backyard, taking pictures of brightly-colored pinwheels and a few outfit shots?

The dress is very old; I bought it years and years ago. The black bow is handmade by me.

This was just a whimsical, last-minute, amateur photography idea. Enjoy!