Lime & Pink & Purple


Pink and green are becoming a color combination I’m truly falling in love with! I mean bright pink and green! What do you think? ❤

Purple is one of those colors I also love, in any shade, really. I’m a fan of wearing one color in different hues, like so today…


This sweater, I bought in high school (what’s with me finding all of these random clothing items from high school lately?!?!). I really love the sequin details around the buttons! A very pretty, elegant touch.




This ring I made was put together on a whim, just wanting to play around with new color combinations. I think this is another favorite ring I own now, because the colors really pop! Looks like a little rose bush on my hand.


I’m in love with my new headband I made, and even at work, my boss was all: “I see you made a new tiara?” 😉

I hope everyone is having a great week! Feels like it’s flying by already! See you next time!



Cutesy Casual


Hello to all!!! ❤

Yesterday, it being Saturday, I went for a very comfortable outfit that’s a bit different from what I’m used to wearing. I know that many people wear sweatshirts when it cools down, but I really never seem to wear them or have any. I found an old zip-up hoodie sweatshirt though, that I bought in high school on a San Francisco trip (you can’t read what’s on it because of my hair, haha). It reads: San Francisco.

Super comfortable! I can see why people love sweatshirts. I still dressed up the outfit with accessories, a skirt, and sparkly flats.



I really like the whole navy blue and pink thing going on! Plus, I made this new pink rose headband the other night and I was dying to wear it. I had to amp up the pink, naturally! 😉


Here’s a close-up of the ring details. I love Matryoshka dolls – always have – so I thought it’d be perfect to make one with this theme. I made it Friday night, having a little crafting fun at like, midnight! Late night craft projects are the best. ❤


I’m not ready to completely part from my summer shoes, and fortunately, it’s not cold yet where I live so I still have time to enjoy them. I love the whole tights-paired-with-peep-toe-shoes look!


This beautiful cat that likes to hang out near my house (I think it belongs to one of my neighbors) was watching me with intense curiosity as I took my blog photos…


It was a great Saturday. I ended the day by taking a long walk at the park in the evening, and there were lots of people out because the weather was so perfect! The air felt crisp and had that “autumn” smell – I can never describe it correctly, but it’s magical and one of my favorite scents. 🙂

Beautiful scenery I stopped to capture during my walk. I feel it’s important for me to get out and walk, especially now that during the week I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Nature always rejuvenates me! ❤

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Til next time! 🙂



Blowin’ in the Wind



It’s hard to see, but that’s a dark green eyeshadow I’m trying out today! I realized that dark green pairs well with hazel eyes (my eyes look hazel in some lighting, and green enhances them…although they look kinda dark here).

It’s another day in the life of a fashion risk-taker; it’s the first day of chilly weather where I live – and quite windy – so I had to take advantage of that and bring out my tights! That, and a brown cardigan. It’s fun to experiment!





I love this shade of green! Paired with black tights, it’s a fun fall look. I love bright colors (as you all know by now), and I paired it with the brown and black autumnal colors for a balanced mix. 🙂 To top it off – a headband, of course! I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t wear something in my hair.


On my lunch break, I went to Panera…they have the pumpkin sugar cookies out! I  haven’t had one since last year…boy, did I miss it!

I feel the urge to craft…I haven’t made a new ring or a headband in a while and it’s time! Fortunately, I just got my tools in the mail and I can make new stuff. I’ll post my new creations, of course! ❤

Have a happy Friday!


Free as a Bird


Happy mid-week, everyone! I hope you all have had a nice one so far. ❤

I bring to you today, my bird shirt. I bought it at H&M awhile ago, but decided to wear it today on a whim! (It was buried in one of my dresser drawers honestly, and I found it again).


I’m all about quirky prints. To me, this outfit almost has a nautical look to it with the blue and white, and the birds could be seagull-esque…




I’ve always wanted Oxford-like shoes, but wasn’t sure how they’d look with my style. I went back and forth between wearing them, and actually, I really like them! I think these will be perfect for fall/winter, to keep my feet warm. I got these at Wet Seal last year, but I seldom ever wore them. I plan to change that and put them to good use this season! 🙂


So, with the fall season, I start to gravitate towards candles…and look at what we have here! This is seriously one of the BEST smelling candles, ever. I always love Bath & Body Works’ seasonal scented candles…they come out with some amazing-smelling ones. Can’t wait to light this and cozy up on the couch with a book!

Speaking of cozy…here are some inspirational autumn photos to get you in the mood for this wonderful time of year!


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

See you next time!



Manhattan Beach


Hello everyone! So happy to write a post about my day trip to Manhattan Beach, CA. ❤

My friend and I left early this morning, and like I always do when I go to Southern California, I had to stop by my favorite little coffee shop gem: It’s a Grind, located in Castaic, CA.



I seriously love this place, because how could you not?! Look at those comfy chairs! And of course, the artsy vibe going on (that’s a painting of the lovely Josephine Baker in the background behind my shoulder). Their coffee is delicious to boot; that’s a Mocha Rush, with chocolate chips mixed in. Yum!



Southern California never ceases to take my breath away. I have always romanticized the area in general, and I blame watching Clueless and She’s All That a trillion times growing up and seeing so many iconic shots of the L.A. area.


For a late lunch, we went to an Indian restaurant in Hawthorne. It was soooo good! Indian cuisine is one of my top favorites, so naturally I loved the food. I was amazed by the beautiful artwork they had in the restaurant…


So gorgeous. ❤ It was such a great day! It’s always refreshing to get out of town and see the sights elsewhere.

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! 🙂




Vert Foncé


…or dark green. Just practicing my French! 😉 Hi, world!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. It seems like it went by very fast…


It’s been a hectic week for me, but it’s ending nicely. 🙂 I captured a nice shot of the early morning sky today…love the contrast against the silhouette of my house.

For today’s outfit, I went darker than usual and paired dark green with black, with some off-white accents. This sweater…gosh, who knows how long I’ve had it. A looooong time! The skirt I bought from…*drum roll*…yep, you guessed it: Amazon.



Black and dark green are pretty neat colors together! The ring used to be a necklace, but I turned it into a big statement ring. The belt, I actually borrowed from another skirt. Just a simple accent to make the outfit more interesting.



Please excuse the gigantic BUG BITES on my legs. I thought bug season was over by now? They’re mosquitoes…guess they haven’t departed for the fall season yet. Or do they ever leave? Not sure…I’m no bug expert. Nice shoes though, no?


In other news, I printed two more greeting cards for my Etsy shop on! I love how these turned out. Both of these feature my own artwork. ❤ I really wanted to start a line of greeting cards, and I finally did…I just need a Christmas one for the upcoming holiday season.

IMG_7769 (1)

Cheesy smile to document the occasion! I’m super happy about it, as you can tell. It’s fun coming up with new stuff and keeps the creative vibes flowing. I generally jot down news ideas for my shop I’d like to see in the future, as stepping stones to ensure I achieve personal short-term goals.

My next blog post will be a nice change of scenery! I’m going to Southern California on Saturday, so I plan on taking lots of photos. I haven’t gone out of town in months…long overdue for some fun! ❤

See you again soon!



Sweet as Sugar


Hi there, beautiful people! 🙂

It being such a lovely, cooler day today, I spent a lot of it walking around. Rather than using my everyday purse, I carried one that is much smaller and light – *BONUS* it’s also from the 1950’s! A vintage find I purchased a couple of weeks ago.


I love the flower details…the leaves are velvet. ❤





I really love black lace, don’t you? There’s something very mysterious and feminine about it. The little pink rose accents on it add a sweet touch! The shoes are from Amazon, they’re the jelly material and I love them!! You can find them here; they’re sooo cute and the ones I’m wearing are a sparkly rose gold color that really shimmer in the sunlight.


On a random side note, I’m learning two languages at once. I already know quite a lot of French, so I’m just brushing up, and I’m learning Swedish from scratch. I have to say, I am really loving Swedish! (I love French too of course, it just feels easier for me to pronounce Swedish words).

I only know one French speaker where I live, so I can practice in conversation that way…sadly, I don’t know any Swedish speakers. French and Swedish are just not languages you hear in Central California, but I’m adamant about learning! Duolingo is what I use, both on my laptop and as an app on my phone! I highly recommend it if you want a fun, interactive and user-friendly language learning tool.


I had the pleasure of enjoying some Jamba Juice this evening! I decided to go on a whim and just enjoy the nice weather. I tried the Pumpkin Protein smoothie and oh my goodness, was it good. It had chia seeds in it and had a really nice, natural pumpkin flavor, and not super sweet. Yum!


Folks, I know I mention Ghost a lot, but sometimes it’s inevitable. I went to a music/movie store called Rasputin after getting Jamba Juice, and voilà! Look what they had. Vinyl, not just of one of their albums, but three! *Mental note*: must buy these eventually.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and you enjoyed my fun little variety post. See you next time! Ha det så bra! À bientôt! 😉




Autumnal Charm


Hello to all! 🙂

I thought it would be fun to do an autumn-themed little makeshift photoshoot early this morning. I’ll find any excuse to incorporate fall into my blog posts. 😛

First off, I’d like to do a makeup shoutout…

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Stormy Sahara 945:



With the changing of the season, I tend to try a new lip color. I switched from my summery pink/coral lip color to this warm, nude color that I feel looks autumn-like. Something new, right? I really like how it compliments my skin tone. This seriously stays on all day! I was surprised that I didn’t need many touchups throughout the day. I think it’s the creamy texture. It’s very moisturizing and not drying at all!



For my outfit today, I went with a more autumn-toned look (I’m not putting away my bright colored outfits, just changing it up here and there for more autumn-like looks). I can’t even remember where I bought this dress…I’ve had it that long.





Okay, I think you get the point that I love autumn. LOL!

I can’t wait until there are more yellow/orange/red leaves on the ground! Autumn walks are the best. 🙂 Next month, I’ll have a ton more autumn photos from the pumpkin patch my sister works at each year, which is a lot of fun. Can’t wait for that!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! ❤


Pretty in Pink


Helloooo! 🙂

I guess it’s no surprise what my favorite color is? I can’t get enough of pink. My outfit here says it all. Pink, pink, pink…




I think pink and grey are two colors that go really well together. Something about the muted light grey and bright pink makes it really pop! I think my absolute favorite color combination would have to be pink and gold, though. ❤


Hard to see in the pictures, so I’ve provided a close-up of my newest statement ring creation! I love Day of the Dead stuff, and I wanted to make something for it (even though it’s still a little ways away).


I’d like to take a moment to talk about my new Betsey Johnson bag!!! I got it on sale on Amazon, and it was under half-priced! I am sooo in love with it. It comes in different colors as well, for those of you who aren’t into pink. It’s really spacious, although the purse itself isn’t really that big. I have more than enough room for my things. You can check it out here!


I got my nails re-done this weekend, and oh my goodness, I love how they turned out! I wanted to try something different; normally, I get a neutral opaque color. This time, I wanted to get a sheer, clear color and try a different colored ring fingernail color. I love gold so I went with that shade! ❤


Last but not least, my sister and I went for coffee and macarons on Sunday. These were the passionfruit flavored ones. Yummmm.

I hope everyone is having a great mid-week! See you next time!






Sunny Saturday


Happy Saturday everyone!

Here in the U.S., it’s Labor Day weekend…so that means a full 3 days of no work. I’m definitely taking it easy and enjoying it, being out and about! 🙂

For an easy Saturday, I went with a simple outfit and accessorized to jazz it up. I went for  a yellow headband, a bold statement ring and smaller jewelry. ❤





I really do love white and black together; it packs a punch with such a contrast! It’s a good thing I have so many different colored skater skirts, because I feel like the color pairings are endless. If I love a skirt, I want it in several different colors! 😛


Aaaaaaand we have the Pumpkin Spice Frappucino!! It’s out folks…hope you’re enjoying one!  It’s just as delicious as I remember it being. It’s the simple pleasures in life! ❤

Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂