Pretty in Pink


Helloooo! 🙂

I guess it’s no surprise what my favorite color is? I can’t get enough of pink. My outfit here says it all. Pink, pink, pink…




I think pink and grey are two colors that go really well together. Something about the muted light grey and bright pink makes it really pop! I think my absolute favorite color combination would have to be pink and gold, though. ❤


Hard to see in the pictures, so I’ve provided a close-up of my newest statement ring creation! I love Day of the Dead stuff, and I wanted to make something for it (even though it’s still a little ways away).


I’d like to take a moment to talk about my new Betsey Johnson bag!!! I got it on sale on Amazon, and it was under half-priced! I am sooo in love with it. It comes in different colors as well, for those of you who aren’t into pink. It’s really spacious, although the purse itself isn’t really that big. I have more than enough room for my things. You can check it out here!


I got my nails re-done this weekend, and oh my goodness, I love how they turned out! I wanted to try something different; normally, I get a neutral opaque color. This time, I wanted to get a sheer, clear color and try a different colored ring fingernail color. I love gold so I went with that shade! ❤


Last but not least, my sister and I went for coffee and macarons on Sunday. These were the passionfruit flavored ones. Yummmm.

I hope everyone is having a great mid-week! See you next time!






5 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Pretty in pink indeed! And fab new ring, just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead (not that you can’t rock it on Easter or Christmas or Arbor Day . . . 🙂 ). Finally, is there anything better than a deal on a designer handbag? Especially when it’s Betsey Johnson? I’m obsessed with her stuff, and your new bow bag is adorable! Long live Amazon!

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