Sweet as Sugar


Hi there, beautiful people! 🙂

It being such a lovely, cooler day today, I spent a lot of it walking around. Rather than using my everyday purse, I carried one that is much smaller and light – *BONUS* it’s also from the 1950’s! A vintage find I purchased a couple of weeks ago.


I love the flower details…the leaves are velvet. ❤





I really love black lace, don’t you? There’s something very mysterious and feminine about it. The little pink rose accents on it add a sweet touch! The shoes are from Amazon, they’re the jelly material and I love them!! You can find them here; they’re sooo cute and the ones I’m wearing are a sparkly rose gold color that really shimmer in the sunlight.


On a random side note, I’m learning two languages at once. I already know quite a lot of French, so I’m just brushing up, and I’m learning Swedish from scratch. I have to say, I am really loving Swedish! (I love French too of course, it just feels easier for me to pronounce Swedish words).

I only know one French speaker where I live, so I can practice in conversation that way…sadly, I don’t know any Swedish speakers. French and Swedish are just not languages you hear in Central California, but I’m adamant about learning! Duolingo is what I use, both on my laptop and as an app on my phone! I highly recommend it if you want a fun, interactive and user-friendly language learning tool.


I had the pleasure of enjoying some Jamba Juice this evening! I decided to go on a whim and just enjoy the nice weather. I tried the Pumpkin Protein smoothie and oh my goodness, was it good. It had chia seeds in it and had a really nice, natural pumpkin flavor, and not super sweet. Yum!


Folks, I know I mention Ghost a lot, but sometimes it’s inevitable. I went to a music/movie store called Rasputin after getting Jamba Juice, and voilà! Look what they had. Vinyl, not just of one of their albums, but three! *Mental note*: must buy these eventually.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and you enjoyed my fun little variety post. See you next time! Ha det så bra! À bientôt! 😉




5 thoughts on “Sweet as Sugar

  1. Ooh, what a wonderful handbag! I love 3-D flowers and 1950s vintage, and the velvet leaves really make it. The bow-topped jellies are very cute, too.
    Have fun learning the French and Swedish. French is such a beautiful language; I always think that when I’m eating Yoplait.
    Finally, glad you found those Ghost albums. Window shopping is the best, especially when you discover a gem. Going back for it gives you something to look forward to. 🙂

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