Vert Foncé


…or dark green. Just practicing my French! 😉 Hi, world!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. It seems like it went by very fast…


It’s been a hectic week for me, but it’s ending nicely. 🙂 I captured a nice shot of the early morning sky today…love the contrast against the silhouette of my house.

For today’s outfit, I went darker than usual and paired dark green with black, with some off-white accents. This sweater…gosh, who knows how long I’ve had it. A looooong time! The skirt I bought from…*drum roll*…yep, you guessed it: Amazon.



Black and dark green are pretty neat colors together! The ring used to be a necklace, but I turned it into a big statement ring. The belt, I actually borrowed from another skirt. Just a simple accent to make the outfit more interesting.



Please excuse the gigantic BUG BITES on my legs. I thought bug season was over by now? They’re mosquitoes…guess they haven’t departed for the fall season yet. Or do they ever leave? Not sure…I’m no bug expert. Nice shoes though, no?


In other news, I printed two more greeting cards for my Etsy shop on! I love how these turned out. Both of these feature my own artwork. ❤ I really wanted to start a line of greeting cards, and I finally did…I just need a Christmas one for the upcoming holiday season.

IMG_7769 (1)

Cheesy smile to document the occasion! I’m super happy about it, as you can tell. It’s fun coming up with new stuff and keeps the creative vibes flowing. I generally jot down news ideas for my shop I’d like to see in the future, as stepping stones to ensure I achieve personal short-term goals.

My next blog post will be a nice change of scenery! I’m going to Southern California on Saturday, so I plan on taking lots of photos. I haven’t gone out of town in months…long overdue for some fun! ❤

See you again soon!



One thought on “Vert Foncé

  1. That’s a great cardigan! Not only does it go with everything, but it has a charming vintage vibe. No wonder you held onto it!

    Congrats on the cards! They’re very cute, especially the leopard one. And just in time for gifting season. 🙂

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