Blowin’ in the Wind



It’s hard to see, but that’s a dark green eyeshadow I’m trying out today! I realized that dark green pairs well with hazel eyes (my eyes look hazel in some lighting, and green enhances them…although they look kinda dark here).

It’s another day in the life of a fashion risk-taker; it’s the first day of chilly weather where I live – and quite windy – so I had to take advantage of that and bring out my tights! That, and a brown cardigan. It’s fun to experiment!





I love this shade of green! Paired with black tights, it’s a fun fall look. I love bright colors (as you all know by now), and I paired it with the brown and black autumnal colors for a balanced mix. 🙂 To top it off – a headband, of course! I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t wear something in my hair.


On my lunch break, I went to Panera…they have the pumpkin sugar cookies out! I  haven’t had one since last year…boy, did I miss it!

I feel the urge to craft…I haven’t made a new ring or a headband in a while and it’s time! Fortunately, I just got my tools in the mail and I can make new stuff. I’ll post my new creations, of course! ❤

Have a happy Friday!


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