Cutesy Casual


Hello to all!!! ❤

Yesterday, it being Saturday, I went for a very comfortable outfit that’s a bit different from what I’m used to wearing. I know that many people wear sweatshirts when it cools down, but I really never seem to wear them or have any. I found an old zip-up hoodie sweatshirt though, that I bought in high school on a San Francisco trip (you can’t read what’s on it because of my hair, haha). It reads: San Francisco.

Super comfortable! I can see why people love sweatshirts. I still dressed up the outfit with accessories, a skirt, and sparkly flats.



I really like the whole navy blue and pink thing going on! Plus, I made this new pink rose headband the other night and I was dying to wear it. I had to amp up the pink, naturally! 😉


Here’s a close-up of the ring details. I love Matryoshka dolls – always have – so I thought it’d be perfect to make one with this theme. I made it Friday night, having a little crafting fun at like, midnight! Late night craft projects are the best. ❤


I’m not ready to completely part from my summer shoes, and fortunately, it’s not cold yet where I live so I still have time to enjoy them. I love the whole tights-paired-with-peep-toe-shoes look!


This beautiful cat that likes to hang out near my house (I think it belongs to one of my neighbors) was watching me with intense curiosity as I took my blog photos…


It was a great Saturday. I ended the day by taking a long walk at the park in the evening, and there were lots of people out because the weather was so perfect! The air felt crisp and had that “autumn” smell – I can never describe it correctly, but it’s magical and one of my favorite scents. 🙂

Beautiful scenery I stopped to capture during my walk. I feel it’s important for me to get out and walk, especially now that during the week I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Nature always rejuvenates me! ❤

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Til next time! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Cutesy Casual

  1. Anyone else would’ve worn this sweatshirt with jeans, but you made a statement by pairing it with a skirt and girly accessories. You have a real knack for dressing up everyday garments and making them your own!

    I know what you mean about the walking. It makes a huge difference when you’re mostly sedentary. Your posts inspire me (to try 🙂 ) to walk more.

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