Lime & Pink & Purple


Pink and green are becoming a color combination I’m truly falling in love with! I mean bright pink and green! What do you think? ❤

Purple is one of those colors I also love, in any shade, really. I’m a fan of wearing one color in different hues, like so today…


This sweater, I bought in high school (what’s with me finding all of these random clothing items from high school lately?!?!). I really love the sequin details around the buttons! A very pretty, elegant touch.




This ring I made was put together on a whim, just wanting to play around with new color combinations. I think this is another favorite ring I own now, because the colors really pop! Looks like a little rose bush on my hand.


I’m in love with my new headband I made, and even at work, my boss was all: “I see you made a new tiara?” 😉

I hope everyone is having a great week! Feels like it’s flying by already! See you next time!



5 thoughts on “Lime & Pink & Purple

  1. Lovely outfit! It reminds me of a fairy or wood sprite, with the roses, delicate sparkles, fanciful pink and purple, and woodland green. Your headband and ring are especially beautiful; the colors really pop!

    Also, it sounds like you’re settling in and making your mark at your new job :).

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