Bows, Boots, & Décor


What do you think of my new cup? Isn’t it adorable?

Hello, hello! I hope the weekend finds you all doing well. I have a mix of a blog post for today, so it’ll keep it interesting!

I thought it would be fun to do something different for starters, by doing a little walkthrough of how my house is decorated. I have a lot of cute details in my place, so I thought it’d be fun to show a bit of that. Here we go!


My favorite thing about the bathroom layout is the floral touch I made to my cabinet. I bought the faux-plant vine thing at Michael’s a year or so ago, and it made such a drastic difference to the overall look. The little canvas on the wall is one of my favorite quotes, so it’s a nice reminder to see when I’m getting ready for the day.



Remember I Dream of Jeannie? When I watched the show, I totally loved the little bottle she lived in…


Color theme-wise, that’s what I was going for, and I think I’ve done really well getting the right pillows and such for my bed. ❤


Sometimes, all it takes is an interesting arrangement to give the room some color! I made this little floral-looking centerpiece – I bought the items at Joann’s and put them in a vase. They have such a variety of imitation plants that the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoyed my little mini-tour. 🙂


Moving on to the outfit post: I decided to bring out some bow headbands, taking a little break from my usual flower ones. Aren’t these little rings super cute?


Doesn’t matter how old I get; I’ll always be all about pink stuff and bows. I think it’s embedded in my DNA or something, so why fight it?


This blouse from H&M I bought a week or two ago is one of my favorite tops now. It screams, I can be fun AND professional! Win-win!


But then everything flies off the rails when you bring in the brown tights and the boots with the bow. It’s like a professional kawaii cowgirl…? Who knows. I don’t take myself too seriously when it comes to fashion; I aim to be fun, and pretty much a woman who never stopped playing dress up, essentially.



And there you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this whimsical post. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy yourselves!

See you next time!




3 thoughts on “Bows, Boots, & Décor

  1. Professional kawaii cowgirl! I love it! Everyone should have so much fun with her work wardrobe 🙂 .

    Your place is so cute! I love the details and the pink theme (and the I Dream of Jeannie pic is really cool)! It wasn’t until I bought my house that I became interested in home decor, but now I’m obsessed! Just one more way to be creative, right?

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