Nerdy Thirty


Hello everyone!!! How’ve you all been? Hopefully, very well. 🙂

I celebrated my birthday the other day!!! I like to call it Nerdy Thirty. ❤ 

So long, twenties! It’s been fun. Looking forward to new adventures in my thirties!


I arrived at work to find my desk decorated with all sorts of cutesy stuff!


My 30th birthday has been my best birthday so far, filled with family, friends, gifts, and unexpected moments that made for an amazing turning point to end my twenties and begin my thirties! ❤ ❤ ❤


Now for today’s outfit!

It’s cooooold. That means, out come the gloves! My favorite thing about winter is being able to wear gloves. They’re so ladylike!





These are some interesting colored tights! They’re from Target, and have a nude/red/purple tint to them. Yeah, that works! They’re very soft…ahhh!

On Black Friday, I ordered a very cool (hahaha…you’ll get the joke later!) T-shirt that I can’t wait to showcase in a soon-to-be blog post! I’m very excited about it. 😉

See ya soon!


That 70’s Vibe


This post feels like déjà vu because I was wearing this same color in my previous outfit post. Ohhhhh well! It’s an entirely new blouse, so I’m not repeating it – promise! 😉


Agggghhh!!!! I am so in love with my new blouse, it’s not even funny! I bought it here, and you can find different styles and colors. Disclaimer: the blouses do run small, so read the reviews first about sizing if you do decide to purchase. I’m normally a US size small/x-small depending on how a shirt is made, so I played it safe and bought a medium. Fits just right!


I’ve been really liking the look of vintage-style blouses, so I’ve been digging online for some nice, inexpensive ones to expand my fashion horizons…


Incidentally, it almost matches my skirt perfectly! Couldn’t believe it. This is definitely my favorite outfit right now! I ordered some vintage-looking lace tops that I think will look awesome, but they’ll arrive some time from now.  Can’t wait for those!


I got my nails re-done recently, and at first I was kind of on the fence about getting white nails, but now I love them! I’m used to nude shades of nail polish, so this is very different for me. But I like!

To my fellow Americans: enjoy your Thanksgiving! I’m so happy to have the rest of the week off to enjoy, and then my birthday on Monday. So much fun stuff happening all in one week! Yaaaaaay!

Until next time! ❤



The Fool on the Hill


What a nice weekend it was!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well. ❤

I took some nice snapshots from a long walk I took Sunday evening. It was COLD, but ultimately worth it. Or, perhaps I just need to dress warmer, which would be the more logical approach.





Where would I be without self-timers? I brought my mini-tripod that is flexible enough to fit in my purse, and I sat it on a nearby fence. Totally looks like someone took the picture for me, right?

I wasn’t too shy about taking photos because hardly anyone is around in this particular area of the park. Plus, I walk out here so often that I’m sure by now I’ve earned the reputation as the woman with big hair and a flower crown who wanders around and takes photos of stuff.


^ Another cool thing about self-timers are the unexpected facial expressions you get when you’re not quite ready for the camera, or a blurry hand, in this case. ^



I had my music on of course, and I was listening to the Beatles. The right scenery can easily make me gravitate toward a specific band or genre.


But the fool on the hill, sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head, see the world spinning round.


See you next time! ❤

Some Velvet Morning


Hello, hello! ❤

Do you ever just get lost in music? I sure do. With how crazy and nonsensical the world can be at times, I find it easy to retreat into a musical daydream when I submerge myself in a song. It’s like an instant vacation!

At work this past week, I’ve discovered some lovely 60’s gems via Spotify I’ve never even heard of before!! One of them being a charming, blissfully vague psychedelic tune by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood called Some Velvet Morning, which apparently came out in late 1967.



Listening to dreamy, psychedelic music inspired a very dreamy photoshoot this morning before my routine coffee stop and work route. It was super cold, super windy, and we had a heavy rainstorm around 4 a.m.!

There is something I really love about wearing all white…it’s a powerful color, to me. The look of a white dress in my opinion is very two-sided; it can look beautifully pure and innocent, or it can look incredibly eerie, ghostly and somewhat cult-like.






Flowers are the things we know, secrets are the things we grow
Learn from us very much, look at us but do not touch



Stay inspired; inspiration is everywhere! Have a good weekend!




Monterey, CA

Hello everyone! I went to the coast yesterday and wanted to share some photos I took along the way! I have a lot of photos to share, so sit back and enjoy. 🙂

Casa de Fruta


Casa de Fruta is a cute place nestled in Hollister, CA that largely sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and also lots of delicious candy to choose from (primarily chocolates). 🙂



I bought these things to eat, which look really weird but they were soooooo good!! These were mashed up peach, mango, and lemon (the long one) coated with coconut.



Next stop was fisherman’s wharf in Monterey! I really love it here because the buildings are bright-colored and cute, with lots of restaurants to choose from.


Anytime I go to the coast, clam chowder is what I always gravitate to. 😉 This, and a side order of bread smeared with cheese and roasted garlic. Super delicious!

Dog in a Dress


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Look at it’s little face!!! jfieowjfndkvmkdmvladjfifwfmkf

Secret Garden


I always tend to veer off the main path of the tourist sections and wander into the little hidden areas. Next to the busy walking/biking path that runs along the ocean were some small office buildings, and to my surprise, hidden gardens. ❤





Monterey is such a beautiful little city with lots of Spanish villa style buildings (my favorite style of building, next to Tudor), and beautiful, lush plant life. One moment you’re on the city street, and one turn can take you into a beautiful garden.


I hope you enjoyed the photos. 🙂 Have a great start of the week!








Hi there, lovely people! 🙂

No other color out there makes me think of the 60’s and 70’s more than pale yellow. I love wearing pink, but yellow comes in as a close second.


White and yellow, even more so! Throw in some floral, et voilà, it’s even more retro.


This outfit is from Goodwill (the floral top and the yellow dress over it), which I  bought this past summer. It was a little warmer today, so I figured I could squeeze in another summer-like outfit while I still could!!


Once upon a time in the parking lot of a busy shopping center I frequent, a parking attendant approached me, not to write me a ticket, but to tell me that anytime he sees me, I remind him of Ophelia Frump from the Addams Family. I’m guessing it’s either the daisies or the eccentricity – or both. According to the Addams Family wiki page, “She is a bit clumsy, breaking a lot of items. Plants also grow on her head.” 

Ophelia. Can we be best friends, please?

So, I like to call this headband my “Ophelia Frump” headband. ❤ Thought I’d give you the backstory on this ol’ thing that I wear a lot!





For other style enthusiasts out there, what inspires your sense of fashion? I find lots of inspiration everywhere, mostly because I’m constantly searching for it. I like to stick with my signature look, but I find new things to add to it.

I think the most prominent influence on my style was the Summer of Love in 1967. I’ve been drawn to that time since I was a kid, and in my late teens, I watched a documentary on it, and I was forever changed! Seeing women walking around the streets of San Francisco with flowers in their hair, heavy eyeliner, faux lashes and mini-dresses was just the most fascinating style to me. I love the music from that time, too (The Beatles’ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ album from 1967…favorite Beatles album!).

I’ve been told before, once in a light-hearted way and another time in an accusing way (LOL!) that my outfits are like a “costume”. I can see that, but to me it’s all in good fun and really how I enjoy expressing myself.

Well, those are my fashion thoughts of the day!

See you next time! Have a beautiful day. ❤



Photos courtesy of Pinterest.




Raindrops + Sunshowers


Du kan få stå under mitt paraply…❤ That’s the only remotely romantic thing I know how to say in Swedish (you can stand underneath my umbrella). Besides jag älksar dig (I love you). Jag älksar dig, Lassen’s Peanut Butter Power Smoothie!

Hello there, beautiful people! It rained this weekend where I live, and I was super happy about it and even went for a nice walk. Rain walks are definitely my new favorite!! Nothing compares to the smell of rain, especially at the park with all the vegetation.

Outfit of the Day…



I really love my new sweater tights I bought at Target! They’re a nice nude color that’ll go with anything, so I’m sure they’ll be a staple for me this fall/winter.




Do you have a go-to playlist for when it’s rainy outside? I’m sure it’s a thing. For me, I tend to always gravitate towards the Smashing Pumpkins album, Machina/The Machines of God, which came out back in 2000.

It’s one of those albums that just fits perfectly with walking in the rain, in my opinion. That’s also where I got the title for this post (I’m not Billy-Corgan-cool enough to come up with a title like that on my own), as it’s a song off the album and probably one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs in general. ❤

Enjoy the start of your week! ‘Til next time!

November Mood


Hello everyone! I hope the start of the new month is going well for you all!

November has always been one of my favorite months for two reasons:

1) It finally begins to look and feel like fall where I live and the trees start turning colors…

2) It’s my birthday month. 🙂

I like November because it also starts to have more rainy and cloudy days. Fog rolls in too, which isn’t good to drive in of course, but it looks cool from a distance.

I went for a walk with a friend of mine on Sunday, and I took some pictures of the trees changing colors. Outfit photos too, of course!!!





Indeed, I spotted a bunny just hanging out. This one actually let me take a picture, unlike most others that take off running the second I reach inside my purse to take my phone out!



‘TWAS A NICE EVENING. As you can see, there were leaves everywhere so it made for great photos. 🙂 That top I’m wearing is actually a sweatshirt and was quite warm.

Is everyone ready for winter ahead? I like the idea of winter, but I’m horrible at dressing for cold weather. I really dislike feeling too bundled up, although I love how the styles look. I think I’ll wear a coat like once out of the entire year when I walk to look at Christmas lights! Other than that, I’ll wear tights with my outfits and maybe a scarf and gloves, but never a coat. No wonder I’m always saying ‘I’m freezing!’ during these upcoming winter months. 😉

See you next time! ❤