November Mood


Hello everyone! I hope the start of the new month is going well for you all!

November has always been one of my favorite months for two reasons:

1) It finally begins to look and feel like fall where I live and the trees start turning colors…

2) It’s my birthday month. πŸ™‚

I like November because it also starts to have more rainy and cloudy days. Fog rolls in too, which isn’t good to drive in of course, but it looks cool from a distance.

I went for a walk with a friend of mine on Sunday, and I took some pictures of the trees changing colors. Outfit photos too, of course!!!





Indeed, I spotted a bunny just hanging out. This one actually let me take a picture, unlike most others that take off running the second I reach inside my purse to take my phone out!



‘TWAS A NICE EVENING. As you can see, there were leaves everywhere so it made for great photos. πŸ™‚ That top I’m wearing is actually a sweatshirt and was quite warm.

Is everyone ready for winter ahead? I like the idea of winter, but I’m horrible at dressing for cold weather. I really dislike feeling too bundled up, although I love how the styles look. I think I’ll wear a coat like once out of the entire year when I walk to look at Christmas lights! Other than that, I’ll wear tights with my outfits and maybe a scarf and gloves, but never a coat. No wonder I’m always saying ‘I’m freezing!’ during these upcoming winter months. πŸ˜‰

See you next time! ❀

17 thoughts on “November Mood

  1. Great pics! The first one with you in the distance is cool, very artsy. I love that you captured a picture of a bunny. As you say, they usually scamper off. Whenever I see them, I always think it’s good luck. That’s interesting about you never wearing a coat. I hate how the less-than-cute ones cover up my outfits, but I could never pull that off!

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      1. Mother Moon will be waning soon. A fortnight again to the new moon which will be the Scorpio new moon. Jupiter has recently gone into Scorpio – where he will take a year to move through – so it may possibly mean good fortune for a moon from the 18th onwards

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      2. Awesome!! Had no idea about any of that. Cheers to good fortune! Also, I love that “Orion” is in your name…always been my favorite constellation and always look forward to seeing it earlier in the night in the fall/winter. Those three stars of Orion’s Belt have always fascinated me. πŸ™‚


      3. Wonderful. I love the stars in the northern hemisphere. Orion is the proper way up for you guys. Here we also call it the saucepan. We don’t get Ursa major or the Big Bear down here.
        They say that the souls from the constellation Orion are violent etc… It is a medieval type system with magic. I don’t believe we are all bad though. Some of us have a purpose and abilities to help this world and those from other parts

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      4. Let me know if you find anything interesting. I like fairly abstract creative stuff. Sometimes its good to get the in stuff that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A slight basis on mythology or history is great

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