That 70’s Vibe


This post feels like déjà vu because I was wearing this same color in my previous outfit post. Ohhhhh well! It’s an entirely new blouse, so I’m not repeating it – promise! 😉


Agggghhh!!!! I am so in love with my new blouse, it’s not even funny! I bought it here, and you can find different styles and colors. Disclaimer: the blouses do run small, so read the reviews first about sizing if you do decide to purchase. I’m normally a US size small/x-small depending on how a shirt is made, so I played it safe and bought a medium. Fits just right!


I’ve been really liking the look of vintage-style blouses, so I’ve been digging online for some nice, inexpensive ones to expand my fashion horizons…


Incidentally, it almost matches my skirt perfectly! Couldn’t believe it. This is definitely my favorite outfit right now! I ordered some vintage-looking lace tops that I think will look awesome, but they’ll arrive some time from now.  Can’t wait for those!


I got my nails re-done recently, and at first I was kind of on the fence about getting white nails, but now I love them! I’m used to nude shades of nail polish, so this is very different for me. But I like!

To my fellow Americans: enjoy your Thanksgiving! I’m so happy to have the rest of the week off to enjoy, and then my birthday on Monday. So much fun stuff happening all in one week! Yaaaaaay!

Until next time! ❤



5 thoughts on “That 70’s Vibe

  1. Oooh, your blouse is so pretty! I love vintage-looking ones, especially with ties at the neck. Actually, I’m wearing one tomorrow!

    Also, happy belated birthday! I hope it was wonderful and that you have a great rest of your birthday week 🙂

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