Nerdy Thirty


Hello everyone!!! How’ve you all been? Hopefully, very well. 🙂

I celebrated my birthday the other day!!! I like to call it Nerdy Thirty. ❤ 

So long, twenties! It’s been fun. Looking forward to new adventures in my thirties!


I arrived at work to find my desk decorated with all sorts of cutesy stuff!


My 30th birthday has been my best birthday so far, filled with family, friends, gifts, and unexpected moments that made for an amazing turning point to end my twenties and begin my thirties! ❤ ❤ ❤


Now for today’s outfit!

It’s cooooold. That means, out come the gloves! My favorite thing about winter is being able to wear gloves. They’re so ladylike!





These are some interesting colored tights! They’re from Target, and have a nude/red/purple tint to them. Yeah, that works! They’re very soft…ahhh!

On Black Friday, I ordered a very cool (hahaha…you’ll get the joke later!) T-shirt that I can’t wait to showcase in a soon-to-be blog post! I’m very excited about it. 😉

See ya soon!


4 thoughts on “Nerdy Thirty

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday 🙂 That’s so nice that your coworkers decorated your desk! And I love how you’re wearing your ring over your gloves; I’ve never thought to do that, and it looks really cool. My favorite part of this post, though, is the title. They say that your thirties is when you come into your own, and I think there’s a lot of truth to that. So, way to, ahem, “own” nerdy and all that comes with it. 🙂

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