Happy Valentine’s Day (jk)


I’m typically way behind the times, but in this case, I’m way ahead!

It might as well be Valentine’s Day with my outfit!!! Well, I love wearing pink no matter what day or month we’re in, but this just screams Valentine’s Day to me, and I think it’s because of the pen.

Yes, that’s a pen! I went shopping for crafts at Dollar Tree and found it. Glittery pink thing? Claimed.

I purchased some cute items specifically for Valentine’s Day while I was there, to make a cute, festive headband and a new statement ring. Starting early!





I’ve been wearing my new ring that my sister bought me for Christmas! It’ll go with everything I wear, any day. It’s very dainty and sweet.





Pink is a powerful color, psychologically. It represents the feminine principle…

I think that’s why I love the color pink so much, and why I incorporate it into what I wear and many times, in my artwork and jewelry! Some may see the color pink as just a girly color, but I find it very powerful.


On a different note, my sister also got me the best planner EVER for Christmas. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a big, decorative planner, but now I have one and boy is it a lot of fun! I’m serious; this thing came with stickers of all sorts and magnet bookmarks. I’ll probably showcase it in another blog post just to display how neat it is!

And oh my, the pen…that was separate from the planner, but isn’t it the cutest thing?!

Anyone else excited for New Years? I am, but mainly because I’m *ahem* also making a New Years headband that will look super festive. (I know, I make a lot of stuff…it’s fun though, aight?)

Do you have any New Years Eve plans? I don’t, but that won’t stop me from looking festive the day of! The night of New Years Eve, I plan on spending it with my mom and making us some delicious, healthy smoothies to celebrate. ❤ I’m looking forward to it!

‘Til Next Time!


Merry Christmas!


Hello and Merry Christmas!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas day! It was an enjoyable day for me here at home with my family, eating and opening gifts. [I received a set of new canvas’ and an art kit filled with mixed media to work with, so I’m super excited to start creating new stuff!]

Speaking of art, I hung up three of my abstract paintings last night. I think they look lovely together as a group.


Christmas Morning


Nothing like starting the holiday off right with a berry smoothie (I wish I could say I made this myself, but my mom did). ❤



Some festive Christmas attire…I brought my boots out again! I’m not a big denim person, but I figured I’d try something different.



I’ve been wearing chokers again! It’s been awhile.


A picture of our Christmas tree in the living room; I took this on the night of Christmas Eve. ❤

Wishing everyone happiness and peace. Merry Christmas!



Hi there! ❤

I wanted to do a short post about my new record player I bought myself for Christmas! I’ve wanted one for years, and finally purchased one (in pink, of course).

I ordered this record player through Amazon, and with good luck, a local music store had my favorite Ghost album in vinyl; it was the only one they had! It was meant to be. ❤


I foresee many nights ahead listening to this! And, might I mention, I’m successfully turning everything pink. Isn’t the interior design lovely?




You all know how much I love Ghost. [I’d say the word ‘love’ is definitely warranted and possibly an understatement considering I cried when I saw them live in concert.] Thus, it was only natural that my first vinyl record be a Ghost album!

This has been a nice way to start my Christmas vacation (side note: I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and all I can say is WOW. I loved it! Go see it if you really want your hair blown back).

‘Til Next Time! Merry Christmas Eve!






Star Wars


Okay everyoneeeeeee…

The time has arrived, and it’s mere hours away before I see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

You know it’s serious business when I bring out my GALAXY SKIRT.

Not messin’ around now…it just got serious.



This skirt is one I bought on Amazon! Keeping up with Star Wars tradition, I’m wearing it tonight to see the Last Jedi, and I wore it last year to see Rogue One, and the year before to see the Force Awakens.

So the legacy continues! I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so I’m pumped up for this. I insisted on wearing my best galactic attire, and while at work today, I had on the Star Wars soundtrack to get myself mentally prepared for the epic journey…




Out of the entire Star Wars universe, Queen Amidala was always my favorite (she wore the most elaborate costumes and had the most complicated hairstyles…go figure! 🙂 )

Perhaps I’m a tad overly excited about this, or it’s the additional happy factor that my Christmas vacation now begins through Tuesday…either way, I’m super happy right now!

‘Til Next Time! May the Force Be with You! (You know I had to.)


The Return of the Cheetah Jumper


Hi there, friends from near and afar!

This outfit is from Sunday, and I was super happy to be wearing my cheetah-print jumper again!!! I haven’t worn it since summer, but I managed to turn it into a winter ensemble with the right additional pieces.



This gold, shimmery scarf was the perfect addition to the ensemble! I’m thankful I’ve held onto this scarf for so long; I’ve had it since high school, I think.


Momentarily distracted…


Okay, you have my attention again!

I think the black tights really looked nice with the jumper. It’s winter and I’m trying to be creative with accessorizing…


Shortest legs, ever. I know, I know…sandals aren’t exactly right for this time of year…


I’ve learned that I really love hot pink and cheetah-print! It’s super cute and not really a combination I’d think to put together, but I love it. ❤


I just HAD to showcase my beautiful iced mocha I got at Yellow Mug coffee on Sunday!!! Isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? ❤ I’m typically a no-whip mocha kinda gal. I was feeling particularly daring on Sunday and ordered whip, and the sweet baristas put this yummy chocolate wafer in the whipped cream. 🙂 It’s the simple pleasures in life!

Exciting jewelry news!


I’m super happy to share that I’ve fulfilled my long-time dream of merging my jewelry with my art!!!

This is my first ring from my upcoming line of rings that will feature my artwork. I’m super excited about it, and you can find it in my Etsy shop here. I really love how it turned out and I can’t wait to create more. I’ve been wearing the ring practically every day, haha!



I received these beautiful lace blouses I ordered a month ago (the seller included the beige one in my order – for FREE!) and I can’t wait to wear them; however, they’re a bit sheer and will be better for spring. Although, knowing me, I’ll probably end up wearing them now anyway! Aren’t they a dream?!

As I’m writing this, there is a homeless man outside the window at Starbucks about a foot away and he is literally blowing kisses at me and dancing.  He knocked on the window first to get my attention and then began performing. Not making this up, folks…

The song It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is playing here in Starbucks in all its Christmas glory and it oddly enough goes with his dance moves… hey, this is actually pretty interesting!

On that note, I’ll end it here. Til next time! ❤


Snow White


Hello hellooooooooo. ❤

It’s been such a nice weekend, and I hope everyone has enjoyed their own! I finished up my Christmas shopping and went to a sugar cookie/gingerbread house decorating party a friend of mine had going on Saturday night. Silly me, I didn’t even stop to think to take pictures of how my sugar cookies came out!! I was too involved in it and having fun with everyone that I didn’t bother with my phone.

Before all of that though, I took some outfit photos. Can I say that I’m in love with this sweater?



The camera doesn’t capture it well, but it’s fuzzy. And the princess shoulders are my favorite thing about this sweater!! I used to have a black shirt with princess shoulders, and I wore it so much that it developed holes in it. I’ve never found one like it until this. 🙂






I’m so glad I made this white flower headband, because I just knew it’d go with so many outfits!! To me, white is totally a winter color! Makes me think of snow.


The tree in my backyard is officially pretty much bare now…so long, leaves!!! I will not miss the sap you produced and got all over my car. Bye Fe-leaf-cia…


Time for some inspiration…

Gosh! It really does feel like Christmas now, after going to that fun sugar cookie/gingerbread house decorating party. I like stuff like that; it gets you in the mood for the season.


Also, the hostess of the party last night was saying how positive and fun it was just to sit around and decorate cookies, and that Christmas time can bring out the fun stuff we did as kids. I started thinking and realized that it’s really important not to let go of your inner child. As adults, problems and such can easily take over our thoughts and our lives. As children, we were more in the moment, and it probably didn’t take much for us to be happy.

That’s something I definitely don’t want to ever lose. ❤ I think it’s good for us as adults to take the time to do things that bring simple joy and cater to our inner child. Going for a walk, admiring nature, drawing, decorating cookies, etc… whatever you think of that brought you joy as a child, I highly recommend doing so!

…And time for some art…


A few weeks ago, I drew this lovely Christmas lady, and I ended up using it as my own Christmas postcard. I drew the holly first, which I originally made for the Christmas luncheon flyer at my work, and ended up using the same holly for my own digital illustration and I love how it turned out!!


This illustration I finished last night, and I’ve been working on it for awhile! As someone who is fascinated by different cultures, I find myself randomly researching traditional dress of faraway lands.

A few years ago, I spent time with a friend of mine who was from Kuwait, and she had some paintings she made of women wearing a gold mask (I didn’t know what they were called at the time). Fast forward to now, and I’ve learned that they’re a style of burqa that originates and is worn by some in the United Arab Emirates. I drew this after doing a lot of research on it and it’s my first try at creating cultural artwork. ❤ Something different!

This is turning into the longest blog post ever, so I’m going to stop here! Haha. I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great start to your week!

See ya! ❤

A Winter Fairytale


Happy mid-week, everyone! ❤

I’m excited to showcase something I’ve been wanting for a looooooong time, and finally purchased one! I’ve always loved this vintage, winter fashion accessory and now have one of my own. First though, the outfit du jour…

I tried something different with my scarf, and that is, placing it underneath my belt. I like it!




I sure am wearing this black velvet bow a lot lately. I really like it because a) it goes with everything and b) …it’s a bow. How can you go wrong?!

Now, I did not take my new accessory with me today as part of my outfit (I only took photos with it before work to showcase it…this is more for when I know I will be outside in super cold weather for a prolonged amount of time, so it’s a special occasion accessory):


Ohhhhhh my goodness, people. Behold; a muff!

You seldom see these anymore! I’ve always thought they were so cute. I’m going with my mom tomorrow night to walk and look at Christmas lights, so it’s in perfect timing.




It’s sooooo cute!!! I love it. It’s like a dream come true to finally own one of these. It’s super soft, too (faux fur) with a fleece lining inside.

I really love vintage items – or at least, modern things that emulate vintage items.  I’ve been called an old soul on countless occasions…I feel young at heart, mind you, but ultimately an old soul just trying to find my place in the world. ❤

Perhaps I’ve been overly contemplative lately, but do you ever wonder what your place in the world is?

It’s no easy answer, for most of us. Lately though, I’ve reached pretty concrete conclusions for myself (although, things can always change). Mine would be: creating art, listening to those who need someone to talk to, inspiring people in any way, and appreciating life’s simple, beautiful moments. 


Speaking of life’s simple, beautiful moments; I experienced with some nighttime photography and took this photo. It’s a bunch of dead trees, sure, but I love how creepy it looks!! There’s some beauty in decay, right?

I hope you enjoyed this rambling of a post (haha). I look forward to walking around tomorrow night and seeing the beauty Christmas has to offer with my mom. We don’t go out and do things together all that often, so it’ll be nice!! ❤

Take care! Until next time. 🙂


For the Love of Pins


Hello and welcome!!!

Today’s post will be a mashup of two different outfits from this weekend that included lovely new pins I bought from The Tote Trove on Etsy! I’ve bought from her before and as always, her accessories never disappoint. ❤

I went for very quirky looks this weekend and I’m pretty confident I succeeded in that endeavor… 😉

Also, notice the headbands. Both are new, and ones I made Friday night!



I’d like to point out that I used some old earrings I no longer wear to serve as CUFF LINKS! I bought this beautiful top not too long ago, and I quickly realized that bell-shaped sleeves are not flattering on me. Not to fret – with some quick creative thinking, I found a stylish solution!


Meet my new pet parrot! Isn’t he cuuuuuuute? 😉

I love how bright and eye-catching it is. It adds an unexpected, quirky touch to the outfit. It’s like: ahhh, my outfit is pink and red, it’s romantic and almost Valentines Day-esque…also, PARROT. 


I had my daily Starbucks hot mocha delicious-ness yesterday afternoon…


But seriously, people…let’s get back to parrot boy. It’s made out of felt and the rhinestones add the right amount of sparkle!


I think the pink headband is my favorite. I wonder why? Because it’s pink, folks…and hey, I am really loving this pink turtleneck! Turtlenecks are totally underrated.


The second pin is a stylish older lady who is unashamedly loud and quirky in her fashion sense! If she were real, we’d probably be friends. I can only hope that when I’m in my older years someday, I’ll still be young at heart and fashionably fierce.

Staying young at heart I think is the key to being happy; staying true to yourself is another big one. ❤


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! See you next time! ❤




Happy end of the week!!

The good thing about winter is being able to wear gloves, but come to think of it, I’m starting to fancy the idea of trying out some thinner, light-colored gloves for spring, with the right outfit. I really like the look of gloves, and I think they have such an elegant look that needs to make a comeback!

I plan on making a trip to some antique shops in the near future, so maybe I’ll find a pair somewhere for spring? I sure hope so. I’d love to find some vintage accessories!



Gloves add a touch of mystique, no?

I’ve always thought so. And I sure love mystery. ❤ In fact, come to think of it, my first favorite song as a child was Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan. I had it on cassette and I’d rewind it over and over again, pretty much beyond the point of obsession.


*now getting on YouTube to listen to nothing but Phil Collins…*




On an ending note, my friend gave me a book filled with delightful Victorian poems and short stories. ❤ I love the way people used to write long ago. It’s so much different from now.

I hope everyone had a nice week! Mine was crazy busy at work, but a good challenge. Time to enjoy the weekend. ❤

See you next time! ❤




Hiiiiiiii. 😀

So it’s super cold now, and I decided to invest in a marginally warm jacket! It cost a mere $12!!! It was on sale at Forever 21 and I couldn’t let it pass. I really love this thing, disregarding how skeptical I was at first when I bought it! Glad I did!

The fuzzy factor was the selling point, and purple is a great color.


Is it just me, or does it have a 90’s feel to it? I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it does…and subliminally, it had me listening to a lot of Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, and Nirvana at work today.

I must have had a fuzzy jacket or coat I wore growing up in the 90’s…? Who knows, but don’t I look so happy in the picture wearing this thing?



Look…it’s frost! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo…


A birthday treat I purchased for myself were some new shoes. I noticed one of my favorite burnt sienna-colored shoes are getting a bit worn out unfortunately, so I bought a new pair of shoes in that same lovely color that goes with so many outfits!

These are from B.A.I.T. footwear, which offers the cutest pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen in my life, honestly!!! If you’re into feminine, vintage-style shoes, well then, that is the place to check out!

Thanks for reading! See you next time! ❤