For the Love of Pins


Hello and welcome!!!

Today’s post will be a mashup of two different outfits from this weekend that included lovely new pins I bought from The Tote Trove on Etsy! I’ve bought from her before and as always, her accessories never disappoint. ❤

I went for very quirky looks this weekend and I’m pretty confident I succeeded in that endeavor… 😉

Also, notice the headbands. Both are new, and ones I made Friday night!



I’d like to point out that I used some old earrings I no longer wear to serve as CUFF LINKS! I bought this beautiful top not too long ago, and I quickly realized that bell-shaped sleeves are not flattering on me. Not to fret – with some quick creative thinking, I found a stylish solution!


Meet my new pet parrot! Isn’t he cuuuuuuute? 😉

I love how bright and eye-catching it is. It adds an unexpected, quirky touch to the outfit. It’s like: ahhh, my outfit is pink and red, it’s romantic and almost Valentines Day-esque…also, PARROT. 


I had my daily Starbucks hot mocha delicious-ness yesterday afternoon…


But seriously, people…let’s get back to parrot boy. It’s made out of felt and the rhinestones add the right amount of sparkle!


I think the pink headband is my favorite. I wonder why? Because it’s pink, folks…and hey, I am really loving this pink turtleneck! Turtlenecks are totally underrated.


The second pin is a stylish older lady who is unashamedly loud and quirky in her fashion sense! If she were real, we’d probably be friends. I can only hope that when I’m in my older years someday, I’ll still be young at heart and fashionably fierce.

Staying young at heart I think is the key to being happy; staying true to yourself is another big one. ❤


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! See you next time! ❤


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Pins

  1. I love how you styled the pins! The whole Valentine’s Day-but-oh-there’s-a-parrot bit totally cracked me up. Thank you so so much for featuring them. And I have no doubt that you’ll still be fun and fabulous when you’re old! I once saw this elderly woman in Hobby Lobby wearing a denim vest and all these handmade kawaii accessories, and I thought, yes! That’s how it’s done! You’re definitely of the tribe that embodies that spirit. 🙂

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