Happy Valentine’s Day (jk)


I’m typically way behind the times, but in this case, I’m way ahead!

It might as well be Valentine’s Day with my outfit!!! Well, I love wearing pink no matter what day or month we’re in, but this just screams Valentine’s Day to me, and I think it’s because of the pen.

Yes, that’s a pen! I went shopping for crafts at Dollar Tree and found it. Glittery pink thing? Claimed.

I purchased some cute items specifically for Valentine’s Day while I was there, to make a cute, festive headband and a new statement ring. Starting early!





I’ve been wearing my new ring that my sister bought me for Christmas! It’ll go with everything I wear, any day. It’s very dainty and sweet.





Pink is a powerful color, psychologically. It represents the feminine principle…

I think that’s why I love the color pink so much, and why I incorporate it into what I wear and many times, in my artwork and jewelry! Some may see the color pink as just a girly color, but I find it very powerful.


On a different note, my sister also got me the best planner EVER for Christmas. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a big, decorative planner, but now I have one and boy is it a lot of fun! I’m serious; this thing came with stickers of all sorts and magnet bookmarks. I’ll probably showcase it in another blog post just to display how neat it is!

And oh my, the pen…that was separate from the planner, but isn’t it the cutest thing?!

Anyone else excited for New Years? I am, but mainly because I’m *ahem* also making a New Years headband that will look super festive. (I know, I make a lot of stuff…it’s fun though, aight?)

Do you have any New Years Eve plans? I don’t, but that won’t stop me from looking festive the day of! The night of New Years Eve, I plan on spending it with my mom and making us some delicious, healthy smoothies to celebrate. ❤ I’m looking forward to it!

‘Til Next Time!


14 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day (jk)

  1. Glittery pink thing. Claimed. LOL. Seriously, though, that’s just about the prettiest pen I’ve ever seen. And why not start Valentine’s Day early? I’ve always thought it the most stylish of holidays. Speaking of which, pink is indeed a power color! I hate it when people dismiss it, and any feminine garb, as girly, as if that somehow makes it less than. On that note, I can’t wait to see your NYE headband. Having something fabulous to wear is always reason enough for celebration!

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