Rainy Day


Hello! 🙂

We’re finally getting some rain here, so the pink umbrella gets to come out again. I love this umbrella; I’ve had many umbrellas before, and this one is the most long-lasting one I’ve owned (and the prettiest one, to boot).


I’m wearing the boots again, this time with tights, because there’s a cold front rolling in through the weekend and early next week. I think it looks really good (the black tights with the boots).


So I’m super excited that I found this old necklace I used to wear all the time in like, elementary school! I found it amongst some old jewelry I came across. It’s so cute because it’s very subtle and dainty. They’re tiny beads with little flower charms. It reminds me of being a little kid and loving jewelry so much, even then.



The umbrella creates so many neat hues on my hair and face. 😛


I hear there’s supposed to be thunderstorms possibly early next week!! We seldom get that kind of weather so I’m actually looking forward to it, haha.

It’s funny that I like storms now, because I was terrified of storms as a kid. My mom and I got caught on the outskirts of a very rare (for where I live, anyway) tornado when I was 7 or 8 years old, and any time there were storm warnings after that incident, I’d cry.

I don’t mind storms now. Although, when I hear the Emergency Alert System siren go off on the radio or television, I still get chills (residual fear, I suppose). 🙂

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! ‘Til next time!


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. I just love your style so much! Those boots are really cute 🙂 I totally have the same thing you have with storm but with thunder ! I used to be really afraid of it even a few years back because my house (my garden to be specific) got struck 3 times by lightening… yeah I lived on a hill ahah but now i actually find it mesmerizing from afar ofc

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  2. Cute umbrellas really are the rainbow at the end of the rain storm! Your pink one is so pretty, especially with your fuzzy boots. :). Also, sweet necklace. I love finding old stuff like that; it brings up so many memories, it’s like each piece has its own story. That’s awful about the tornado. I couldn’t imagine being in one, even on the outskirts. If you have only residual chills and can appreciate a good storm from a distance, then you seem pretty strong to me!

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