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Notice anything funny about these photos…?

Some are blurry. I bought a new phone! It’s an iPhone 8 and I really am loving it. However, I’m trying to get accustomed to the camera. It takes photos a bit differently than my older iPhone I previously owned. I’m learning, hahaaaa…

I love the fact that my battery lasts soooo long now, as opposed to my last one. It’s super fast, too.


I like the blue tint my phone naturally gave the sky in this photo. I didn’t edit anything. Although, it looks like it’s -40 degrees outside…

Speaking of cold weather; I have a pen pal that lives in Siberia. (Does anyone else have a pen pal? It’s quite a thing of the past it seems, but it’s really awesome. You get to learn about a different culture and discuss the differences of your country to theirs. I highly encourage giving it a try, and there are plenty of pen pal websites to choose from! Be cautious of course, but there are plenty of people looking for a genuine friendship-only correspondence.) Anyway, I always feel silly saying how cold it is in California…to my pen pal that lives in Siberia. It’s like I don’t even have the right to talk about the cold, when I hear that people’s eyelashes are freezing over there!


I made this nifty little bow myself! I’ve been wanting a pink bow headband and have searched relentlessly online, only to realize I could just make one. Thus, I did. All it required was ribbon, a blank headband, and a few minutes!


You can see that I have a sheer, glittery white ribbon intertwined with a pink ribbon. Side note: I really like this picture of me because in the lighting, it looks like I have a little BUCK TOOTH.


I really love this lace blouse! It’s originally meant to be a high-neck top, but I wore it with the buttons open. You can wear it either way, and it can be found here.

Food Corner


I don’t typically talk about food on my blog, but I have a true testimony in regards to garlic and onion, which is what I’ll be discussing! (Totally gave it a photoshoot – didn’t the picture turn out pretty?)

For the past four months or so, I’ve eaten raw garlic and onion at least three times a week – not just because I love it, but I read that these two foods are great for an immunity boost! It helped in ways I wouldn’t have imagined, though…

A quick backstory; for the past three years, I had a seasonal dry cough in the winter months. It was really awful and any time I breathed in cold winter air, I’d cough almost non-stop. Cough drops did nothing, locally-grown honey with lemon in hot water did nothing, so I just dealt with it and coughed my way through winter.

Once I began eating raw garlic and onion regularly for a few months, not only did I completely dodge the cold/flu that went around the office, but my dry winter cough vanished! It’s 100% gone!

So, if you are looking for a great way to boost your immunity, I kindly recommend raw onions and garlic.* (I would say for seasonal dry cough relief, use it for that too, but just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else! Of course, you can consider it and try it for yourself!)

The way I eat it:

  • I smear a light amount of cheese or hummus onto pumpernickel bread
  • Chop up some onion of your choice – for me, I like white onion
  • Chop up one clove of garlic
  • I include tomatoes for flavor
  • Place onto sandwich, and enjoy!

*in addition to these foods, my diet consists of mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish…okay, and Starbucks mochas…so collectively, some of these other foods may also aid in immunity-boosting benefits!

I hope you enjoyed this post! ‘Til next time! ❤









11 thoughts on “Fashion & Food

  1. Hi Beautiful Sammy

    I don’t have a pen pal in Siberia but I have a good friend in Fairbanks alasaka and its just as cold in Fairbanks Alaska.. -40.. -50 horrible my best friend from elementary school and high school … and we lived together in college. Nick Troike… he is in the military and they have a base in Fairbanks.Ak and you look beautiful as always Sammy.. cute and sweet.. you are MY PEN PAL In California. It is supposed to be 25 degrees here tonight not too cold. Ilike the food in the blog nice touch I will try that! love ya Warm regards William p,s Is that your big blue van behind you in the picture 😉 jk

    On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 10:59 PM, The Big Hair Diaries wrote:

    > hellosamanthadear posted: ” Notice anything funny about these photos…? > Some are blurry. I bought a new phone! It’s an iPhone 8 and I really am > loving it. However, I’m trying to get accustomed to the camera. It takes > photos a bit differently than my older iPhone I previously own” >

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  2. Whohoo iPhone 8! Enjoy! That’s so interesting that you have a pen pal. I was eating a granola bar recently, and the wrapper said something about getting a pen pal (it was a kids’ granola bar). Anyway, I thought, that’s funny, no one has them anymore, and here you are with a Siberian correspondent! I had a pen pal from Moldova in middle school that I found through an ad in Teen magazine. It was a lot of fun! Blogging’s not too different, I guess. Also, super cute bow. 🙂


  3. Love this!
    And I’ve never been a big fan of raw onions per se, but maybe that’s exactly why I thrive off of chips and salsa! 😲
    I love the fresh stuff, and in the winter I’ll buy canned tomatoes, fresh garlic and green onions and hot peppers. Canned tomatoes are the best during the winter and the fresh veggies give it that crispness.
    And for years I wasn’t getting sick! The past few years I’ve moved away from it, trying to avoid all the calories in the chips and the past few winters I’ve gotten sick. If that isn’t a testament to onions and garlic, I don’t know what is!

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