Pink Yarn & Navy SEALs


Welcome back! 🙂

Crocheted rose pins have made a frequent appearance on my last few blog posts, I know! My sister has been so generous to voluntarily make me a few sets of them. The latest are these light pink roses that will go with a lot of my outfits!


I think these are my favorite! Soft pink is just one of those colors that I gravitate towards, as you all know by now if you’ve been following my blog long enough. 😉


Here’s a nice blurry hand photo…




These are my new favorite shoes, I think! I just got them from B.A.I.T. footwear,  and they’re a dream. They’re extremely comfortable and I really didn’t even need to break them in. I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing these a lot. ❤


I know I mentioned in my last blog post that I wanted the next book I read to be something on the Gulf War; however, I couldn’t find a whole lot to choose from on the subject matter. Perusing Barnes & Noble last night, it didn’t take long for me to stumble upon this one: The Last Punisher by Kevin Lacz. I’m already hooked!

Why am I so into military books, you might ask? Well folks, I live a very quiet, peaceful life. Imagine a quiet lake with no ripples on the water. I’m happy and feel blessed that I live such a peaceful life! However, some adrenaline-fueled reading is a nice change of pace to such tranquility. ❤

Have a greeeeat day!!! See you next time!

A Rose so Red


Hello again, and welcome!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Mine is a 3-day weekend due to President’s Day here in the States! It’s been a quiet, peaceful one for me. Lately I’ve been finding myself searching for artistic inspiration; it can come from anywhere really, so I’m always on the look out. That, and I’ve been reading – reading a lot. I find myself going to bed earlier just so I can get a bulk of reading in before I officially go to sleep.

I’m finishing up yet another military book at the moment, and when I’m done, I think my next read will be something on the Gulf War. That’s one I know very little, if anything, about.


Hahahaha, notice the mug? It’s a Christmas mug! The size is so perfect though, that I end up using it year round at home.


Check out my new roses! My sister made them for me upon request, and they turned out so beautiful. These will perk up any plain top or dress and instantly adds a feminine touch.




I HAVE to show off my new nails!!! These are my favorite nails I’ve ever had done! I am still amazed at how beautiful they came out. The manicurist had never done glitter ombré nails before, so she was just as amazed at the outcome! These are my dream nails come true. ❤


I took this photo on Saturday; I ate dinner outside of my favorite natural food store called Lassen’s. A book, some vegan food and a water fountain as background noise = perfection.


Okay, so my sister has been crocheting up a storm and she made me a FLOWER COASTER. I now use this any time I’m at a coffee shop. I whip it out from my purse and booooom…serves a dual purpose of looking pretty and absorbing condensation when I get a cold drink!

That’s all for now! See you next time!

Sweet Valentine


Hello, hello! Boy am I glad to be doing this Valentine’s Day post!!! ❤ I’ve been looking forward to it. I really love how my outfit turned out, and plus, it was a great day to boot.

Valentine’s Day is a fun day, whether you are single or taken, in my opinion! Celebrating it as a single person, I made the day fun in a variety of ways. Sit back, and enjoy!


First of all; has anyone reading tried the limited time Cherry Mocha drink at Starbucks? Ohhhh my goodness. It’s delicious! Mocha with cherry? Yes, please! So this, needless to say, started the day off right!


I made sugar cookies for my office! I went a different route and put no frosting on them and instead, put little conversation hearts. I love how they came out; although, they were a bit crunchier than I would have liked (I prefer very soft cookies).




Y’all KNEW I’d go all out for this day, am I right?

The dress is from Forever 21! I love the vintage vibe, and I wore my headband and ring that I made myself. 🙂 I felt like a little Valentine’s Day princess all day.

And quite honestly, I’m ending the night with pizza at my house. I always get myself pizza on Valentine’s Day – it’s a tradition at this point, and I have a tendency to spoil myself on this day of the year! ❤

Did you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day? I sure hope so!

‘Til next time!

Sweet as Pastel Mints


My outfit color palette today totally reminds me of those little pastel mint candies!!! Pink and green? Yes, please!

My friend and I decided to take a short day trip to Casa de Fruta, which is a cute tourist spot filled with yummy fruits, candies, ice cream, coffee, etc. It’s a picturesque little place, to boot!


IMG_0466 IMG_0472

These little fruit bars are amaaaaazing. They’re mashed up fruits with coconut and sugar mixed in it! ❤


Funny how I said in my last blog post about being excited for the blossom trees to bloom. Spring has definitely sprung in these mountains! There were so many blossoms everywhere…it was like walking through a dream…



It was a lovely day! Nothing recharges me more than wandering around outside on a warm, sunny day. I haven’t been out of town in awhile, so it was a nice little break from the everyday norm.

Enjoy the weekend! See you next time. ❤

To Everything, There is a Season


Hello again! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend; I had a Valentine’s Day activity on Friday night that I’d like to share with you all because it was really cool! Maybe you’ll get inspired by it. 😉

I was asked by a group of girls at church if I could host a Valentine’s Day card-making activity. Since I’m all about the arts and crafts, I was quick to agree to it. It turned out great!



The set up came out really cute, and it reminded me of elementary school when we’d use construction paper to make things. Memories… ❤



These were my two sample cards I made so the girls could get inspiration while making their own cards. The first one was more old-fashioned and the second has more of a quirky/fun look.

There really is something about making a card from scratch!

Outfit of the Day


This is one of those skirts that I have worn a trillion times, and will continue to wear it until it’s no longer wearable. Even then, I’ll probably do everything I can to fix it and make it last! I bought it at Forever 21 YEARS ago. It’s held up very well.

Do you have a clothing item that has always stuck with ya? No matter how long you’ve had it, you love it so much that you’ll do anything to keep it in good condition and you can’t part with it?


I’m LOVING this new mesh top from Forever 21!!! It has little rhinestones all over it. In the sun, it really sparkles.


The rhinestones are AB rhinestones, so when the light hits them, they’re multi-colored. So beautiful! I just bought this top on Saturday, so it should still be in stores if you’re interested.


As you can see in the photo below, the skirt was worn again soon after in a different outfit. 😛

Saturday was such a beautiful day and unseasonably warm! It was the first day that felt like it was spring, and it had me feeling all sorts of dreamy-eyed and wanting to be outdoors. I did just that and went for a walk in the late afternoon, and it had me in such a great mood.

Do seasons do that to you? I feel similar when fall starts. Spring though is such a unique time of year. The air smells sweet and it’s wonderful to go for a walk without getting a chill.  Now I await for the blossom trees to be in full bloom. Some people dislike the smell, but I love them (and love looking at them).

And then, I always end up listening to 60’s music when I go for a springtime walk. To me, 60’s music really fits for spring and also summer. It’s that carefree vibe.


I know there’s still winter left to be had, but I really can’t wait until spring arrives. It makes my heart full. ❤

‘Til Next Time!

Love for Life


Hello, hello! ❤ It’s been such a great week; where do I even begin?

I think before I dive into yesterday’s outfit of the day and the events of last night, I’ll start with something crafty first!


I made a headband for Valentine’s Day!!! This has been on my to-do list lately, and I love how it turned out. I will have conversation hearts on my head for the holiday, and it will be glorious!

Honestly? I have absolutely no plans for Valentine’s Day, but I will find any excuse to wear a holiday-themed outfit. Also, it doesn’t have to be a holiday just for couples; there are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday if you are single like myself, and it can be fun! I plan to do a special Valentine’s Day post, but I’ll save that for when the day arrives. 🙂


Last night was a special night because I went to Art Hop, but more specifically, I went solely to see a particular exhibit that I can’t wait to talk more about!


I haven’t been to Art Hop in awhile, so I wanted to wear something extra cute!!! This blouse is so comfortable and super feminine (it’s from Forever21).


The exhibit I went to check out was called Art Beyond Bars, and it featured primarily poetry written by local inmates. There were poetry readings – some by people who were previously incarcerated, and spoke of how poetry helped them express themselves in a healthy way that made them better people.

I wouldn’t have missed this for anything! I’d been looking forward to it all week, and it didn’t disappoint. I read through every poem on the wall, and it amazed me how profound and thought-provoking they were. It gave me a refreshing appreciation and love for life.

I came across a quote this past week:

“Don’t give up on people. Miracles happen every day.” 

I feel this quote applies a lot to what I saw at the exhibit. Clearly, they did something wrong to have ended up incarcerated, but I’d like to think that somehow, through art, poetry, spirituality, or any other means, they’ve found it in their hearts to become better people.  The parable of the lost sheep comes to mind.  ❤


The remainder of the evening was a lot of fun. My friend and I roamed around downtown and stopped by a coffee shop and listened to a live singer, then called it a night. Thankfully, it’s been really warm lately (around 70 degrees!) so walking around at night wasn’t cold, but rather comfortable.

I hope everyone has had a good week! Seeeeee you next time!