To Everything, There is a Season


Hello again! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend; I had a Valentine’s Day activity on Friday night that I’d like to share with you all because it was really cool! Maybe you’ll get inspired by it. πŸ˜‰

I was asked by a group of girls at church if I could host a Valentine’s Day card-making activity. Since I’m all about the arts and crafts, I was quick to agree to it. It turned out great!



The set up came out really cute, and it reminded me of elementary school when we’d use construction paper to make things. Memories… ❀



These were my two sample cards I made so the girls could get inspiration while making their own cards. The first one was more old-fashioned and the second has more of a quirky/fun look.

There really is something about making a card from scratch!

Outfit of the Day


This is one of those skirts that I have worn a trillion times, and will continue to wear it until it’s no longer wearable. Even then, I’ll probably do everything I can to fix it and make it last! I bought it at Forever 21 YEARS ago. It’s held up very well.

Do you have a clothing item that has always stuck with ya? No matter how long you’ve had it, you love it so much that you’ll do anything to keep it in good condition and you can’t part with it?


I’m LOVING this new mesh top from Forever 21!!! It has little rhinestones all over it. In the sun, it really sparkles.


The rhinestones are AB rhinestones, so when the light hits them, they’re multi-colored. So beautiful! I just bought this top on Saturday, so it should still be in stores if you’re interested.


As you can see in the photo below, the skirt was worn again soon after in a different outfit. πŸ˜›

Saturday was such a beautiful day and unseasonably warm! It was the first day that felt like it was spring, and it had me feeling all sorts of dreamy-eyed and wanting to be outdoors. I did just that and went for a walk in the late afternoon, and it had me in such a great mood.

Do seasons do that to you? I feel similar when fall starts. Spring though is such a unique time of year. The air smells sweet and it’s wonderful to go for a walk without getting a chill.Β  Now I await for the blossom trees to be in full bloom. Some people dislike the smell, but I love them (and love looking at them).

And then, I always end up listening to 60’s music when I go for a springtime walk. To me, 60’s music really fits for spring and also summer. It’s that carefree vibe.


I know there’s still winter left to be had, but I really can’t wait until spring arrives. It makes my heart full. ❀

‘Til Next Time!

15 thoughts on “To Everything, There is a Season

  1. Wow awesome Valentine’s Day cards! Looks like you had fun. I remember making stuff from construction paper when I was younger. The rhinestone shirt is gorgeous and so are you! The flowery skirt is beautiful and I have garments that I try to keep in good condition. My old carheart jacket I have had since 9th grade still fits me and I wear it in the winter. I wish it felt like spring here! Have a great day!

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  2. Those cards are so cute especially the first one πŸ™‚ I also feel like seasons have a great influence on me but I’m more of a fall and winter kind of gal ahah I always feel so inspired by rain and snow (sadly we didn’t get a lot of snow in Belgium this year)

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  3. Hooray for craft night! I totally know what you mean about tapping into that grade-school, homemade Valentine vibe. πŸ™‚ Also, way to wake up a standby skirt with a disco diva top! I hang onto things, too. I have a yellow lace-topped tank dress that I wear constantly, either over bow-tie or Peter Pan collar blouses, or under cardigans. It used to have a crinoline under it, but I cut it out because it make the skirt look wrinkled. Finally, I’m with you on the seasons. I live for spring and summer and cannot wait until the fog of this South Jersey winter lifts. Here’s to warm weather, flowers, and fresh tunes!

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