Sweet Valentine


Hello, hello! Boy am I glad to be doing this Valentine’s Day post!!! ❀ I’ve been looking forward to it. I really love how my outfit turned out, and plus, it was a great day to boot.

Valentine’s Day is a fun day, whether you are single or taken, in my opinion! Celebrating it as a single person, I made the day fun in a variety of ways. Sit back, and enjoy!


First of all; has anyone reading tried the limited time Cherry Mocha drink at Starbucks? Ohhhh my goodness. It’s delicious! Mocha with cherry? Yes, please! So this, needless to say, started the day off right!


I made sugar cookies for my office! I went a different route and put no frosting on them and instead, put little conversation hearts. I love how they came out; although, they were a bit crunchier than I would have liked (I prefer very soft cookies).




Y’all KNEW I’d go all out for this day, am I right?

The dress is from Forever 21! I love the vintage vibe, and I wore my headband and ring that I made myself. πŸ™‚ I felt like a little Valentine’s Day princess all day.

And quite honestly, I’m ending the night with pizza at my house. I always get myself pizza on Valentine’s Day – it’s a tradition at this point, and I have a tendency to spoil myself on this day of the year! ❀

Did you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day? I sure hope so!

‘Til next time!

10 thoughts on “Sweet Valentine

  1. What a fun Valentine’s Day! I love, love, love your dress (pun intended)! It’s perfect with your headband. That’s so sweet that you baked cookies for work; your office is very lucky. :). And pizza is a great tradition no matter what holiday (or day)!

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