Berry Delightful, Indeed…



Hello there, and a happy Good Friday to you!!! I had a half day at work, so the rest of this day has been spent frolicking around in my backyard taking blog photos, eating berries, and now I’m writing this, sitting at a coffee shop. ❤


I realized something; I eat a LOT of berries. Berries are a staple in my daily diet. For breakfast, I eat plain cereal with fresh raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries mixed in. Now, strawberries are making a comeback in my diet…


And in my HAIR. YESSSSSSSSS!!! The strawberry barrettes are baaaaack!!! *electric guitar solo blasts*


Strawberries are not only good for eating, but for wearing in one’s hair. I love these quirky barrettes!



I can’t remember where I bought the red dress (it’s very old), but the half-top is from Forever 21. 🙂 The weather here is around a lovely 80 degrees, so the short-sleeves are making a debut!


I was observing my outfit today, and while it’s very summery and picnic-y, it kept reminding me of something…just couldn’t figure out what. I kept thinking as I was getting ready for work early this morning, and then it hit me!


While the outfit styles are completely different, the same color palette applies! The colors of my outfit totally make me think of my favorite scene from A Walk to Remember. Don’t even get me started on how much I love this film! I watch it frequently and it’s my favorite romance movie, ever.


Alright alright, I know I’m getting sappy here, but seriously, this is my favorite scene! And as an astronomy lover to the core, this is like, the most romantic thing ever. Haha! ❤

I relate a lot to the fact that her character is really into astronomy. I have a telescope as well, but not of that magnitude…and since warm nights are ahead, you’ll find me in the front of my house at night with my Sky Guide app on my phone open, aiming it at the sky.


And no matter what, I always look up where this comet is when I have my Sky Guide app open at night! Of course, there’s no way of seeing it since it’s perpetually in deep space, but in a strange way, I miss this comet. Before you start thinking I’m nuts, don’t leave yet; I remember seeing Hale-Bopp in 1997 when I was a child, and I have never forgotten it. It only comes around every 2,000 years so…not like we’ll be seeing it again or anything.

So yes, this is my favorite comet because I feel lucky to have seen it. ❤ In fact, I named half of my Etsy shop name after it – PinkBopp. I even did a school report on it when I was 10, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this strange blog post concoction of fruit, romance films and deep space. See you in my next Easter blog post!





**Film stills courtesy of Pinterest

Crystal Baller


Hello, hello!!!

Ahh…one of many bands that makes me nostalgic for the 90’s is Third Eye Blind, which is song-referenced in my blog post title. I’m also getting back into wearing chokers again (we have an on-again, off-again relationship it seems) which is also very 90’s. To continue on with the crystal ball reference though, I also have this to talk about:


The Crystal Ball FrappucinoThis elusive drink is only available for a few days before it disappears. I tried it, on a very stormy evening a few days ago (you can see the rain on the window, and it was thundering and lightning, too). It was quite delicious! Very sweet (I’m used to mochas, which have a rich taste and aren’t as sweet) but it was nice for a one-time try. ❤


Guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am for Easter!!! I can’t wait to get decked out like a pastel princess, and I have a headband I’m making to wear that day. Really looking forward to wearing my Easter outfit!


The weather is in that weird stage where it’s warm one day and cold the next, and today was an in-between sort of deal where it was not really warm but not really cold either. With that, I chose a comfy sweater and a purple skirt, and a gold belt to tie off the look.


It’s so faint, but I’m wearing a light purple choker. I’m totally getting into wearing chokers again! More to come in future outfit posts. 🙂



New nails!!! I love these; I continued with the ombre sparkle look, like I had previously. I’m really loving them! ❤


I drew this the same evening we had that severe thunderstorm, and I was drinking the Crystal Ball frappucino. The creativity was flowing and I decided to draw this. 🙂  My inspiration was simple: I’m very big on ‘happy places’. That varies greatly from one person to the next, but for me, a cup of coffee and a book is one of my many go-to ‘happy places’. ❤

‘Til Next Time!


My Umbrella Broke…


…but I figured, why not just do a photoshoot of the broken umbrella anyway?

No big deal. It’s only MY FAVORITE UMBRELLA.

You can see the metal protruding from the pink fabric, in the above picture. In the meantime, I’m using a polka dot one I have on hand but…I need to buy a new pink one. 😦 I’ve had this one for soooooooooooo long.

I’ve been in a REALLY good mood this week. A super good mood, in fact! However, there’s electrical issues in my house in the main room I use (it’s being handled, just have to have patience) and then today my umbrella broke.


But I’m still determined to be upbeat, despite all the annoyances. Featured above is me with a big ol’ grin that makes it seem like I’m oblivious to the damage, but the main star of the show is my broken umbrella. I’m just a supporting character in this.




I don’t normally wear much blue, but I went all out today! I really love this denim jacket (fun fact: I’ve had it since 6th grade).

A huge storm is headed our way this evening and into the night!!! Should be cool, as there’s expected to be thunder and lightning. I’m currently sipping a hot mocha at Starbucks, writing this blog post, and then I’m going to start working on a new digital illustration. ❤

But back to the main point:

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 6.36.23 PM

Therefore, I need to be on the lookout for a new pink umbrella, and once I find one, I’ll be sure to feature it in a future rainy day post. Without metal sticking out of it!

See ya next time!


Shamrock Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I’m decked out in green today and loving my outfit so much!

Wasn’t the above picture a great photo op or what?! I had those fake roses on hand and decided to take a shot of me holding them, since I’m wearin’ pink roses today and all.


I made a new ring last night; I called this one Springtime in Kyoto, and it’s going in my Etsy shop today. I was getting creative ideas a few weeks ago from travel books, and I was in awe of how beautiful Kyoto, Japan is and was inspired to make a statement ring with blossoms. ❤


I think this is like, the only green clothing I own. I really don’t own a lot of green attire, but I’m lucky to own this top and skirt that pair exceptionally well together!!



I blend into the garage door!!!


T-strap shoes are so delightfully retro, aren’t they?! This is another pair of shoes from B.A.I.T. footwear that I adore so much. They’re so ladylike and feminine.


I hope you all have a happy St. Patrick’s Day and are wearing some green! ❤

‘Til next time! Have a happy weekend!


Jour de pluie


Hi there!! 🙂

Soooo…the complex I live in has painted our homes GREEN! Can I just take a moment to say how much I love it?! It certainly livens the place up and gives it a tropical vibe, in my opinion. It looks so cheery!!!

It’s a rainy week here in California – and a warm rain, at that! A long scarf adds some visual interest to the grey dress and is comfortable.


I’m so happy that Daylight Saving Time is here!!! Hooray for longer days. It’s a treat to get out of work, go home to eat dinner, then be off to my typical Starbucks chill out session and it’s still light outside.



Sunday, I tried something out: I turned my phone off for the day. It was so relaxing! I learned that things like texts can wait (unless it’s an emergency, of course) until I find a good time to dedicate to replying, and that way, I am giving it my full attention. I’ve been making it a personal goal to check my phone less; I’m typically not glued to my phone anyway, but I’m trying to appreciate my surroundings to the fullest even more so lately.

Now, my laptop on the other hand?? We are very, very attached. And I don’t want that to end! I may as well be married to my laptop, quite honestly. Blogging, uploading my new jewelry posts onto Etsy, making new digital illustrations, researching things…my laptop hosts so much! ❤

have made it a point to put my phone and my laptop away at least half-an-hour before I go to sleep, and dedicate that time to reading. I’ve noticed I’ve been falling asleep faster, so that’s good!


See ya!

Tale as Old as Time


Hi there!! 🙂

My outfit today totally makes me think of Beauty and the Beast, in terms of color and the red roses! So I’d consider this a Disney-inspired outfit, if you will. Hope you enjoy!


It doesn’t matter how old I get; there are days when I just want to feel like a Disney princess. Let’s just be real here. I think adulthood’s biggest test on us is to see if we can keep our eyes open, even just a little, to some of the magic we used to see in the world as children. I feel like as adults, it fades and we too easily sink into the ocean of indifference.


So something as little as a Disney-inspired outfit helps to keep the magic alive. ❤


I’ve  always loved Belle…as you can see from the picture below which is of me, at a very young age. 😀


Funny enough, my favorite dress Belle wore was actually the green one, when she was perusing in awe through the Beast’s enormous library. That, and the pink one she wears in the snow. ❤


I guess things haven’t changed much, have they? In terms of loving Disney princesses, that is! Eh, I guess I’m still a kid at heart. I don’t consider that a bad thing, though.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little Disney-inspired post!

See you next time! ❤



*Belle photo courtesy of Pinterest

Artsy Chic


Hello there!!! I have some super duper exciting things to share, so here we go!

Last night, I had my first art showing!

I was asked by a DJ who I follow on social media about setting up a table at Art Hop, which is a once-a-month event downtown. I was, of course, ecstatic!!! I had to pick the perfect artsy/feminine outfit that would reflect my own art, so I went with this.  The ring is my own creation, of course!



I took the day off from work just to enjoy the day before I arrived early to set up. Going to Yellow Mug coffee shop, it was very quiet because a) it was a weekday and b) the weather was SOOOOO terrible! Rain and wind, all day. But, I got to enjoy the warmth of the coffee shop indoors and watch the rain through the windows. 😉

As you can see, I had a celebratory birthday cake macaron with my coffee that morning. ❤





Here is my set up! I brought out my top favorite art and jewelry creations. ❤ I had the opportunity to walk around the room and look at other artists’ work and share our inspiration behind what we create.

For me, all of my work has an underlying theme: femininity! My jewelry has mostly a cutesy, floral theme to it, and my digital art is all of women with their own type of beauty and mystique to them. Both my outfit and display have a lot of pinks and florals, because pink is a powerfully feminine color and flowers are Earth’s natural beauty. Flowers comfort me. ❤


The art show started off quietly, but as the evening went on…


…it picked up and was packed! It turned into a house party environment with musicians performing and people dancing. It was very fun. 🙂

At the very end of the night, I sold a ring! I was pleasantly surprised. The entire night was a lot of fun, and several friends of mine came through to see my work and show their support. I was touched! ❤

This was a big deal to me because I have wanted to showcase my art at Art Hop for a long time! I set up my table display on my own and it’s just how I hoped it would look. So I feel really happy that I accomplished a long-time goal!

 Have a happy weekend! See you next time!