Berry Delightful, Indeed…



Hello there, and a happy Good Friday to you!!! I had a half day at work, so the rest of this day has been spent frolicking around in my backyard taking blog photos, eating berries, and now I’m writing this, sitting at a coffee shop. ❤


I realized something; I eat a LOT of berries. Berries are a staple in my daily diet. For breakfast, I eat plain cereal with fresh raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries mixed in. Now, strawberries are making a comeback in my diet…


And in my HAIR. YESSSSSSSSS!!! The strawberry barrettes are baaaaack!!! *electric guitar solo blasts*


Strawberries are not only good for eating, but for wearing in one’s hair. I love these quirky barrettes!



I can’t remember where I bought the red dress (it’s very old), but the half-top is from Forever 21. 🙂 The weather here is around a lovely 80 degrees, so the short-sleeves are making a debut!


I was observing my outfit today, and while it’s very summery and picnic-y, it kept reminding me of something…just couldn’t figure out what. I kept thinking as I was getting ready for work early this morning, and then it hit me!


While the outfit styles are completely different, the same color palette applies! The colors of my outfit totally make me think of my favorite scene from A Walk to Remember. Don’t even get me started on how much I love this film! I watch it frequently and it’s my favorite romance movie, ever.


Alright alright, I know I’m getting sappy here, but seriously, this is my favorite scene! And as an astronomy lover to the core, this is like, the most romantic thing ever. Haha! ❤

I relate a lot to the fact that her character is really into astronomy. I have a telescope as well, but not of that magnitude…and since warm nights are ahead, you’ll find me in the front of my house at night with my Sky Guide app on my phone open, aiming it at the sky.


And no matter what, I always look up where this comet is when I have my Sky Guide app open at night! Of course, there’s no way of seeing it since it’s perpetually in deep space, but in a strange way, I miss this comet. Before you start thinking I’m nuts, don’t leave yet; I remember seeing Hale-Bopp in 1997 when I was a child, and I have never forgotten it. It only comes around every 2,000 years so…not like we’ll be seeing it again or anything.

So yes, this is my favorite comet because I feel lucky to have seen it. ❤ In fact, I named half of my Etsy shop name after it – PinkBopp. I even did a school report on it when I was 10, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this strange blog post concoction of fruit, romance films and deep space. See you in my next Easter blog post!





**Film stills courtesy of Pinterest

11 thoughts on “Berry Delightful, Indeed…

  1. I did enjoy your blog about romantic movies and your berry fruit addiction. I myself ear raspberries every day or blue berries are my favorite actually. It is probably why you do not age and look young! I remember hal bopp as well! I remember looking up at it when I was younger.

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