Happy Heart


Well hello there!

I hope you all are enjoying your mid-week! As for me, I definitely have been. πŸ™‚

Today’s outfit is from H&M! ❀


I really love the style of this dress, as it’s very feminine. Paired with the shoes, I think the black adds a punch!





I looooove the little pink and burgundy floral print! And how the sleeves hang…<3


I paired it with my daisy headband. Nice touch, no? πŸ˜€

I’ll leave you with some inspiration, as I don’t feel like I’ve shared much inspirational writing lately!

The other night, I was talking on the phone with my sister about being in a good mood. I’ve been in a really good mood lately, not for any particular reason, as nothing different has occurred to make my mood this way. So with this in mind, I’ll elaborate!

I told her one thing that makes me feel really good about life in general is keeping a gratitude journal. I write down everything I currently feel grateful for, and it gives me an appreciative outlook. I do mean everything – even down to being grateful for a cup of coffee and writing in detail what I enjoy about the taste of it. The tiniest things do count!

Because you know what? I guarantee if we suddenly didn’t have the tiny things we take for granted, it’d become blatantly obvious that it’s gone. Then we’d think,Β I should have appreciated it more!

I didn’t sell my sister on the idea of a gratitude journal though…she didn’t seem too impressed. LOL!


Being happy with what I have at the moment also makes me feel good. Life can change in an instant, so I truly appreciate the quiet moments when I acknowledge and appreciate that my health is good, everything is calm, I have what I need, etc. We never know when something can change!

I hope this post inspired you! See ya! ❀


6 thoughts on “Happy Heart

  1. I love your blog, cute dress and nice black flat shoes! Also I do not keep a gratitude journal I keep a HAPPY BOOK lol it is a bit of everything . Sometimes if I don’t have time to write … if I get a coffee with a friend or family member I don’t see often I will tape the receipt in the happy book and write his or hername with a smile. Other times I write paragraphs in the journal of a nice day I have. That way when I hit a bump in my life where I feel depressed I look back at the happy moments I have had. For example I even have the time I had coffee with you in my happy book with the picture of me and you taped in the book! lol.. Sometimes when you are depressed it is IMPOSSIBLE to remember happy moments and you loose gratefulness for the little things. Miss ya!

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  2. Not exactly a gratitude journal but since last year I’ve been trying everyday to think about something nice that happened that day πŸ™‚ I always have like a 20minutes walk to get home after uni so I figured I should try to think about something positive instead of always spending my way home worrying about test or homeworks …

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  3. Love the headband! It’s perfect for you, very 1960s :). And I can really relate to what you say about being grateful, especially the part about, in times of stress, appreciating that all is calm and that you have what you need. I do that a lot myself, and it really puts things in perspective.

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