An Ode to the Love Witch


Hello there! Today I bring you two outfits that are inspired by a fictional character in film!

They’re inspired by The Love Witch! Now, I have actually never seen the movie, but the fashion alone caught my eye immediately from film stills. I find myself saving photos of the main character’s dreamy, 1960’s outfits on Pinterest frequently!

First Outfit!



I love how this gorgeous yellow and white ensemble looks both Victorian and 1960’s simultaneously! The choker is such a nice addition.

My Version:



Clearly my outfit differs from hers, but the general color palette and the accessorizing is what I was going for!

I’ve had this yellow dress for awhile now and it’s from Goodwill. I loooove lace, so I thought it paired well with the dress et voilà! I added a thick black choker and I realized I created my own variation of the character’s outfit, straight out of my closet.




Second Outfit!



This stunning red looks amazing on her! I’m really not a wearer of red very often, but I recently ordered a new blouse from Amazon and decided to give it a try with a matching red skirt I also bought on Amazon!

My Version:



Mine’s a bit of a darker red, but same idea! I lucked out that my skirt matched almost perfectly with the blouse.



My car and I are twins! I had to get a picture!!! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the outfit post today! Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!



*Film stills courtesy of Pinterest and IMDb

11 thoughts on “An Ode to the Love Witch

  1. The yellow Victorian/1960s outfit with the choker is cute! Lace looks gorgeous on you & You are much more beautiful than the actress ! The red looks great on you. I never wear red anything but the other day I was wearing a red shirt lol!

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