Frills & Lace



I bring to you today a real fashion treat I’ve been dying to wear and blog about!

This little number is a vintage piece, and guess what? It’s actually a 1960’s nightgown/robe. So I am totally walking around today in vintage sleepwear, although I have re-styled it into a dress!


How’s that for transforming a nightgown into daytime wear? 


The SLEEVES, PEOPLE. That is what initially drew me to this lovely garment, because they’re lace and they flare at the bottom. Plus, the skirt portion is lavender/pink-ish and I knew immediately it’d lay perfectly over my matching lavender skirt I already own and wear frequently.


It was originally floor length, but I cut it into a mini-dress. I was really nervous about this because it’s vintage and I was worried about how it’d turn out, but I grabbed the scissors and fortunately it ended well.

I’m seriously in love with this little robe, not only because I find it beautiful but because I wonder what life it led before it fell into my hands? There’s a history I’ll never know about it and that’s a big reason why I love vintage items in the first place.


I love how the color varies depending on what kind of light it’s in. Sometimes it looks more pink, and other times it’s more purple. Either way it works because I love both colors!



It is ridiculously windy today!!! And I promised my friend we’d go for a walk early this evening?! Oh well, I will brave the elements. Plus, this outfit was made to walk around in! I feel like I’m back in time wearing this.

On a random note, this past week I have discovered a new musical genre I’ve become quite fond of:


Basically, Viking metal. YESSS!!! This is what I love about Spotify. I end up off the beaten path and find music I never even knew existed. One minute I’m listening to one band, then BAM! I trip and stumble into some other music category and end up liking it, like this one.

I feel like I’m on the way to fight dragons when I have this on in my car…when really, I’m just going to Starbucks to do some work on my laptop.

Isn’t imagination everything, though?

Like last night, for example. I spent my Saturday evening at Barnes & Noble, got myself a drink at the café and went to my favorite section: the travel section. It’s nice to imagine what other places are like. I looked through ones at random: Belgium, Finland, Norway, Turkey. I’m endlessly fascinated by geography, so much that when I was a kid in elementary school, I got in trouble for checking out too many geography books from the library.

Yes, you read that right. I got in trouble for checking out too many books.

I enjoyed reading the Cultures of the World series and I still remember the librarian yelling at me that I was checking out too many books. LOOOOL! So as you can see, nothing’s changed. I’m still a geography nerd. 🙂

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!

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