I Love You a Latte, Nature


Hello hello! Like my socks? 🙂

Fall is for SOCKS. All kinds! For me personally, I really love over-the-knee socks. They add such a fun look to an outfit.

The temperature is dropping quite fast, and by next week, there is rain expected (yessss!). I’m really looking forward to the upcoming fall weather. ♥♥♥

I tried a dusty ol’ vintage look with my camera today. 😀






Bring out the fun cardigans and socks! Love it. I was so torn as to what kind of shoes to wear with this…I ended up choosing right, though.

What I learned today: socks with sandals are a-okay! 😀



You know what else is a-okay are Maple Pecan Lattes…


With the sprinkles…oh my gosssssssssshhhhhhhhh. They are MORE than just a-okay. I will probably get one of these again sometime. This is from Starbucks and it’s a new drink that just made its debut a few days ago. I had to give it a try! 🙂

So this evening, I took myself on a nature date! I went for the sole purpose of fully appreciating the transition into fall around me, and taking photographs of it all. I highly recommend trying this sometime, to anyone reading! Bring a camera and snap away. It’s refreshing and inspires you to get creative, in my opinion.











I feel such a deep joy when I listen to the silence of nature. There’s nothing quite like it! Also, when you’re out in nature, do you ever feel like it’s all so alive around you? I really felt that way this evening. ♥

‘Til Next Time!


New Sheriff in Town



I have no idea why, but my outfit reminds me of a sheriff. And I could not shed this thought all day.

I mean, WHY? It’s not like a sheriff anywhere would be wearing this. Do you really see the sheriff in your town cruising around in such attire?!



But that did not stop me from thinking of hilarious things all day…


Something about this ensemble just screams Old West. I felt like I should be walking around in like, spurs…with brown cowgirl boots on.

IMG_4588 (1)

And then with the cowgirl boots on and spurs, I’d stroll into town, straight into a happenin’ saloon where the swinging doors fly open as I enter. Many eyes shift towards the new sheriff in town. Me.

A table full of notorious outlaws eye me suspiciously from above their deck of cards, exchanging glances as they speak to each other with their eyes. Someone plays a harmonica in the distance.


And in good ol’ Old West fashion, a fight eventually breaks out. Someone goes sliding across the bar and slams into a jukebox (wait, there were no jukeboxes yet during the Old West…oh well.)

I then pull out my badge and holler that there “ain’t no fighting in my town”, in which I spit a substantial piece of gum out to make a point, and it ricochet’s off of a nearby glass and onto the floor (ping-ping!)

Once order is restored, I then kick open the swinging saloon doors and exit the place…and get into my parked 1969 Charger, that just so happens to exist in the Old West. As I peel out, I leave nothing but a cloud of dust and my jurisdiction in the rearview mirror.

But back to reality. I really love this outfit! The skirt is thrifted, and the top is an eBay purchase. Don’t the daisies just top it off? 🙂

See ya next time, fellers! ♥

Falling for Fall


♥ Happy Autumn Equinox!!! ♥

It was 97 degrees where I live today, but it doesn’t change the fact that autumn is here at last! And I did everything in my power to celebrate it; the changing of seasons tends to intertwine with our lives and you can just “feel” the change in the air.


IMG_4549 (1)


First off – my autumn leaf headband has made its debut of the year. It was about time to air out this bad boy, and the first day of fall is always the day for that!

I’m wearing fall-inspired eyeshadow that has glitter in it! Yay!




Last night, before walking into the house of a birthday get-together I was going to, I noticed the chill in the night air and that fall scent. ♥ I then looked up and saw the International Space Station drifting across the sky, which I hadn’t seen in a long time. So that was like…magical.

If you ever want to see the International Space Station but you aren’t sure where to start, download the Sky Guide app! You can have it notify you when the ISS is passing over, and the sky map will point out where it’s at.

By now, I recognize it immediately in the sky…it’s like seeing an old friend…


The dress is from Forever 21. ♥ I love it so much…




I had coffee earlier today and I sat out on the Starbucks patio, enjoying the day and read quite a bit. I ended my day with a Pumpkin Smash smoothie from Jamba Juice, and a short walk at Woodward Park. There is a gigantic smoke cloud from a wildfire billowing in the background on the right, somewhere in the far off mountains. Yikes…

How do you celebrate fall? I have many fall scented candles…which I have lit, as I type this. I like to eat more apples (than I already do…geeeez, I eat a lot of apples), spend a little more time outside, and (pretty soon) visit the pumpkin patch. ♥


Happy fall…to you all!!!

See you next time!

Spanish Rose


Morning air
Cold, it dares
A gentle hum
Of fall to come
Summer dreams
Far, they seem
Harvest awaits
The season’s fate 


I’m no poet (not a genre I’m good at), but I randomly wrote the above fall poem the other day, on a whim. ♥

How’s everyone? I hope wherever in the world you may be, you’re enjoying this mid-September. The leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, to the point where it’s chilly in the mornings and the evenings.

I’ve been soaking up the fall feeling as much as I can. Here is some evidence of that from this past week:


Admittedly no easy read (very graphic details), I’ve been reading The Great Mortality by John Kelly. This dives deep into the history of the Black Death, and it’s been hard to put down!!! I sat in Teazer’s the other day, sipping a Tiger Spice Chai and hearing the live music from the farmers market right outside the store. It was perfect and I ended up reading a lot that evening, until I decided to roam outside and buy fresh tomatoes and Armenian cucumbers.

Reading this has given me so much empathy for those living back in the time of the plague (and did you know it still exists today? Even in the U.S. …Google it, I’m not lying!). It’s hard to find anything to complain about in life when I’m reading about what these people went through. Definitely alters your perspective.



Doesn’t this coffee art just scream fall? ♥ And it was delicious, of course. I have missed hot drinks! This was from Kuppa Joy coffeehouse.


Let’s get started on this week’s fun outfits, shall we?

This first one was a favorite of mine that I wore on Monday. To me it totally has Spanish vibes going on, which I’m quite partial to! ♥


I felt like I should’ve been strolling through the streets of Barcelona, or Madrid, and finding some cute café to sit at and people watch. I enjoy people watching…and not in a creeper kind of way. Who knows, maybe I come off as a creeper. Oh wellz.


The red rose hair clips and the vintage-looking choker really tops off the Spanish look. I feel like I can easily play up the look and it feels natural, probably because I am part Spanish from my dad’s side.

Never knew him, but I do know he was a Spanish/Italian guy who was really artistic, a bit of a loner by choice at times and had an eccentric fashion sense. Apparently those are inheritable traits, because I’ve been all of those things my entire life. Bahahaaa…





Keeping up with the rose theme, this was my outfit on the day I went to Teazer’s and farmers market in the evening. I did the double-necklace-thing again for vintage vibes. ♥ Boooooooom…




The leaves make for such a lovely backdrop, don’t they? I love seeing them all scattered around. This time of year feels so alive!

After I finish the plague book, I think I’ll read something about Leonardo Da Vinci. I’ve been feeling strangely drawn to reading more about his life. I’ll generally feel a random pull towards a certain subject, and I always follow it. So that’s what I plan on reading next!

Happy fall. 🙂 (Oh wait…it’s not fall just yet. We still have a week, but it’s close!)

‘Til next time! ♥


Coffee (or Chai) Thoughts


Howdy! 😉

This week was short because of Labor Day, but felt quite long! The weekend is here, so yay!

I went to Teazer’s Tuesday night, right before meandering around the farmer’s market right outside the store.  I love the inside of this place! With the trees outside and the pretty lighting…it felt magical. ♥

I can only imagine how nice it’d be in here on a crisp autumn evening. With all the warm tones, it feels like a fall kind of place. I’ll definitely be back for that time of year.


Tiger Spice Chai! 

So, I just want to make a positive post today. That simple! Hope you enjoy some uplifting thoughts I’ve gathered from this past week. So grab yourself something to sip on and enjoy.

(I’m just going to casually slip my outfit of the day photos in while I’m talking…)


If you try your best, that is what matters! I can’t stress this enough – I learned that a lot this past week. Your best effort may be insufficient from another’s perspective, but you can only do what you’re capable of and to the best of your ability, especially if it’s not your strongest point.



If you start to feel like you’re taking life too seriously, just think of the honk of a clown nose.

Now let me explain.

At Art Hop Thursday night, my friend and I were walking towards our favorite downtown coffee shop when I heard the distinct sound of a clown nose. YES, A CLOWN NOSE. You know the horn sound it makes? Yeah, that. So I look and amongst the crowd of people, sure enough, there is a clown coming my way. Fortunately, my friend and I ducked into the coffee shop before we passed each other. I’m not a huge clown fan (especially ones on tricycles. Specific, I know).

When we went to leave, we ended up walking through the crowd once more and I heard the freaking clown nose horn again…

My friend and I just laughed about it as we continued walking. But in my typical fashion, I ended up philosophizing the entire thing and warped it into some eye-opening epiphany:

Me texting my friend Friday evening, literally out of nowhere: “In retrospect. The clown at Art Hop and his nose horn was a reminder for us not to take life too seriously. He wasn’t the hero we thought we deserved, but the one we actually needed.”

My friend: “Wow, all that from a clown nose…”


Thank you, clown dude at Art Hop. You and your nose gave me a valuable life lesson and earned a spot in my life’s philosophy.

Who would have thought?


Bloom where you’re planted. ♥ 

That means, whether you’re planted in a lush garden or a sidewalk crack, you bloom. Have you ever noticed that?! Flowers bloom whether it be one place or the other.

There’s a lot of negativity around. If you really stop and listen – and I mean truly listen – how often do you hear people say something positive? Or is it commonly complaints you hear? Think about it. I’m trying a new challenge now where I really focus on what I say and think and try to catch whether it’s positive or negative. You can’t always control external negativity, but inwardly, the one you feed is the one that grows the biggest. So will you feed the negative or the positive flower? Which one will bloom? 🙂


So yes, those are some of my coffee (or Tiger Spice Chai) thoughts I’ve gathered from this past week. Hope you enjoyed it and maybe it’ll even inspire you in some way. ♥


Give Me Candy Corn…


Hello, and happy September!!!

It’s heading towards autumn, isn’t it? I can tell with how chilly the early morning gets now. Also, by Central California standards it’s been cooler (in the 90’s) and was actually only around 88 degrees a few days ago.

Like zee new shirt? It’s an eBay purchase that can be found here. I bought a medium since it’s Asia sizing and typically size charts recommend going up a size (I’m a U.S. Small), but I feel like I could have ordered a small and it would’ve been fine. I guess you never really know! But either way, I’m very happy with this purchase!





I know most would agree; fall is one of my favorite times of the year! I’ve already indulged in the legendary Pumpkin Spice Frappucino at Starbucks, along with the pumpkin scone. So good, and worth the wait! ♥

Although, I have to say that that there is something else I have been semi-patiently waiting for, and that is CANDY CORN.

I used to not like it as a kid. Maybe my taste buds changed or they’re made differently now, who knows! But I am a candy corn freak…


In other news! Last evening, I went to an Arts and Music festival downtown, where I set up my little art table. It was a nice time with lots of music and fellow artists and vendors. I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in years, to boot!


I know it isn’t apparent, but I FORGOT MY GREETING CARDS. They’re missing from the table and it looked so empty to me…dang it!! I’ll be sure not to forget anything next time…I’m already signed up to showcase again in October, and I want my table to be full! Barely any empty spots on the table. I want it to look sort of like a shrine of its own.


Let’s keep talking about fall, shall we? Clearly it’s not here yet, and I’m honestly going to soak up the remaining warmth before it plunges into cold weather :(. Speaking of which, I need to purchase a nice khaki jacket and some touchscreen handskar (gloves…return of the Swedish words).

But the leaves are starting to turn! My favorite is November, when the trees are bright red. ♥

Here are some sunset photos I took to get you into a pre-fall mood…



Lovely sunset, no? Looks so peaceful, and to think right before I took this last photo I was certain I was going to slide in the dirt and fall on my butt. Fortunately, I didn’t.

Sunsets always inspire me. To me, it symbolizes both the past, the present, and the future. It’s the one thing that has consistently occurred in the past, and will continue to consistently occur in the future. Well, until the sun explodes eventually, or the world ends at the hand of the omnipotent (whichever your belief may be!).

In addition, in terms of the past, I also think: ‘So many people before us have witnessed the same sunset.’

Literally. Some guy or girl chillin’ in, I don’t know, 1532 or something, witnessed the same setting sun. Millions upon millions of people who came before us. And all I can think is, no matter how innovative and advanced we become, the same underlying human quality remains: all of the emotions we feel in our lives, however happy or painful they may be, was experienced by precisely everyone thousands and thousands of years before us. Life, human existence, and the sun continues, seamlessly.

And that’s typically my sunset thoughts. My mind then feels blown, and I turn and meander off, my thoughts switching to something a little more simple, like wanting candy corn.

Fairy door installation…


By ‘installation’, I mean leaning it against the tree trunk.

Isn’t it CUTE?! This was actually a gift to me from my sister. ♥ Everything just needs a little glitter and some fairy dust, am I right? 😉

Seeeeee you next time!