Give Me Candy Corn…


Hello, and happy September!!!

It’s heading towards autumn, isn’t it? I can tell with how chilly the early morning gets now. Also, by Central California standards it’s been cooler (in the 90’s) and was actually only around 88 degrees a few days ago.

Like zee new shirt? It’s an eBay purchase that can be found here. I bought a medium since it’s Asia sizing and typically size charts recommend going up a size (I’m a U.S. Small), but I feel like I could have ordered a small and it would’ve been fine. I guess you never really know! But either way, I’m very happy with this purchase!





I know most would agree; fall is one of my favorite times of the year! I’ve already indulged in the legendary Pumpkin Spice Frappucino at Starbucks, along with the pumpkin scone. So good, and worth the wait! ♥

Although, I have to say that that there is something else I have been semi-patiently waiting for, and that is CANDY CORN.

I used to not like it as a kid. Maybe my taste buds changed or they’re made differently now, who knows! But I am a candy corn freak…


In other news! Last evening, I went to an Arts and Music festival downtown, where I set up my little art table. It was a nice time with lots of music and fellow artists and vendors. I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in years, to boot!


I know it isn’t apparent, but I FORGOT MY GREETING CARDS. They’re missing from the table and it looked so empty to me…dang it!! I’ll be sure not to forget anything next time…I’m already signed up to showcase again in October, and I want my table to be full! Barely any empty spots on the table. I want it to look sort of like a shrine of its own.


Let’s keep talking about fall, shall we? Clearly it’s not here yet, and I’m honestly going to soak up the remaining warmth before it plunges into cold weather :(. Speaking of which, I need to purchase a nice khaki jacket and some touchscreen handskar (gloves…return of the Swedish words).

But the leaves are starting to turn! My favorite is November, when the trees are bright red. ♥

Here are some sunset photos I took to get you into a pre-fall mood…



Lovely sunset, no? Looks so peaceful, and to think right before I took this last photo I was certain I was going to slide in the dirt and fall on my butt. Fortunately, I didn’t.

Sunsets always inspire me. To me, it symbolizes both the past, the present, and the future. It’s the one thing that has consistently occurred in the past, and will continue to consistently occur in the future. Well, until the sun explodes eventually, or the world ends at the hand of the omnipotent (whichever your belief may be!).

In addition, in terms of the past, I also think: ‘So many people before us have witnessed the same sunset.’

Literally. Some guy or girl chillin’ in, I don’t know, 1532 or something, witnessed the same setting sun. Millions upon millions of people who came before us. And all I can think is, no matter how innovative and advanced we become, the same underlying human quality remains: all of the emotions we feel in our lives, however happy or painful they may be, was experienced by precisely everyone thousands and thousands of years before us. Life, human existence, and the sun continues, seamlessly.

And that’s typically my sunset thoughts. My mind then feels blown, and I turn and meander off, my thoughts switching to something a little more simple, like wanting candy corn.

Fairy door installation…


By ‘installation’, I mean leaning it against the tree trunk.

Isn’t it CUTE?! This was actually a gift to me from my sister. ♥ Everything just needs a little glitter and some fairy dust, am I right? 😉

Seeeeee you next time!


4 thoughts on “Give Me Candy Corn…

  1. Samantha You are so gorgeous & cute! Love zeee new shirt! It’s funny how 88 degrees is getting cooler for you! And your right everything does need some glitter;)

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  2. So much great stuff in this post! First, love the outfit; you can’t go wrong with a ruffly blouse and butterflies :). Secondly, I heart candy corn too! And it’s nice to hear about someone growing into liking candy instead of claiming to be too old to enjoy it! Thirdly, your art table looks awesome as always — but I totally know what you mean about feeling frustrated by having left something out that’s important to you. Been there! Fourthly, the sunset pics are lovely, kind of eerie and majestic, and I love what you say about us all being connected: “Life, human existence, and the sun continues, seamlessly.” Very profound. And true! And finally, what an adorable fairy door! Your yard must be a beautiful sanctuary:)

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