New Sheriff in Town



I have no idea why, but my outfit reminds me of a sheriff. And I could not shed this thought all day.

I mean, WHY? It’s not like a sheriff anywhere would be wearing this. Do you really see the sheriff in your town cruising around in such attire?!



But that did not stop me from thinking of hilarious things all day…


Something about this ensemble just screams Old West. I felt like I should be walking around in like, spurs…with brown cowgirl boots on.

IMG_4588 (1)

And then with the cowgirl boots on and spurs, I’d stroll into town, straight into a happenin’ saloon where the swinging doors fly open as I enter. Many eyes shift towards the new sheriff in town. Me.

A table full of notorious outlaws eye me suspiciously from above their deck of cards, exchanging glances as they speak to each other with their eyes. Someone plays a harmonica in the distance.


And in good ol’ Old West fashion, a fight eventually breaks out. Someone goes sliding across the bar and slams into a jukebox (wait, there were no jukeboxes yet during the Old West…oh well.)

I then pull out my badge and holler that there “ain’t no fighting in my town”, in which I spit a substantial piece of gum out to make a point, and it ricochet’s off of a nearby glass and onto the floor (ping-ping!)

Once order is restored, I then kick open the swinging saloon doors and exit the place…and get into my parked 1969 Charger, that just so happens to exist in the Old West. As I peel out, I leave nothing but a cloud of dust and my jurisdiction in the rearview mirror.

But back to reality. I really love this outfit! The skirt is thrifted, and the top is an eBay purchase. Don’t the daisies just top it off? 🙂

See ya next time, fellers! ♥

13 thoughts on “New Sheriff in Town

  1. Oh my goodness, you are hilarious! Love, love, love this post! It’s the details that really make it — the jukebox, the car, the gum! And yes, your outfit is wonderfully western; I think it’s the ruffly blouse and belt 🙂

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  2. You have quite the imagination! I love ❤️ it! Cute outfit! Haha new sheriff in town ! Ok miss Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane! It does look a bit old Wild Westish ! I can’t picture you in cowboy 🤠 boots with spurs !

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