Pastels and Lime Crime, Oh My!


Hi there! *tips nonexistent hat*

I did some winter wear shopping this past weekend at Forever 21, and I went there on the lookout for a very particular color palette!! I bought many pastels.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about colors. 💜💚💖 They’re everywhere, no? I’m sure you have colors you prefer to wear and feel most confident in. I tend to feel most confident and happy when I’m wearing brighter colors – especially pastels!

One of my purchased items was this baby blue jacket:





I found this jacket in the girl’s section of Forever 21, hoping that it would fit, and it DID. I also bought the cutest sweater in the girl’s department that I will definitely wear in a future post! It’s fuzzy and pink – bestill my heart!

Here is another outfit I wore today – my new dusty rose sweater I bought (also purchased it in green):






💚🦄 My first Lime Crime purchase!!! 🦄 💜


Oh gosh, I am so excited to show you guys this!!!

I decided to purchase an eyeshadow kit from Lime Crime. They are a vegan makeup line that has the most astonishingly gorgeous makeup products! Very bright and beautiful things to choose from. I’d been wanting to buy from them for awhile, and so I finally did…Merry Christmas to me…

I was pleasantly surprised to receive not one but two free products, along with my initial purchase! The above photo is an eyeshadow palette I received for free {the case is the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen!!!} 


I also received this beautiful lip gloss for free! It’s a nude shade that I definitely have been sporting lately! {It also smells like cherries!}



I bought the 10th Birthday Eyeshadow Palette. Love love love!  The colors go on so smoothly and stay put all day. I will definitely buy again from Lime Crime in the future!


I’m not a winter person, but I always try to make the best out of things and seasons are no different! Plus, there are some perks to winter time. I’ve started an inspirational notebook where I write pretty much anything that is inspiring, or ideas, and here are two pages from it:



I’ve been on a roll and I think it’ll be easy to fill this sucka up. I write a lot of gratitude lists in it, too. This will be a great way to fight the “winter blues” which tends to happen in January-ish for me, I’ve noticed; I start longing for spring and summer!

And yes I TOTALLY mentioned Orion’s Belt…it’s my favorite thing to see in the night sky. Only in fall/winter it’s visible earlier in the night – at least in my part of the hemisphere.

What about you guys? Do you keep a notebook filled with inspiration? Ideas? A lot of the time my mind is chillin’ in the exosphere thinking about random things, so having a notebook handy is great for penning down ideas.

See you next time! 💜


15 thoughts on “Pastels and Lime Crime, Oh My!

  1. Great jacket; I always love a good moto coat. Sometimes I shop in the kids’ section, too. And amazing makeup! That eye shadow palette is gorgeous, and the freebies are super cute. I usually wear the same champagne eye shadow every day, but I love the look of colorful palettes so much that sometimes I’m tempted to buy them, even just to have on my dresser. Anyway, I hear you about winter blues and list making. I make lots of lists too, usually about stuff I want to do or things I want to make or wear. Reading yours about winter reminded me that winter has its own charms and can be (almost) as fun as summer. Thanks for the inspiration; late night projects and movie-thons here I come 🙂

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  2. wow the Lime Crime. case looks awesome. Odd you mentioned Orion’s Belt It is my favorite in the night sky as well… I have been looking at it since i was a child and did not even know it was called Orion’s Belt. The 3 stars are Zeta (Alnitak), Epsilon (Alnilam), and Delta (Mintaka). I make lists as well of things to be graetful for and things to do. a (Without little cute hearts!) I get winter blues as well… I call it SAD seasonal affect disorder and oddly being in front of a sun lamp with UVA and UVB light helps i bought it for my turtles but i use it as well. They Make SAD bulbs… for winter blues. I love warm blankets so much i bought a heat blanket !lol Happy lists help me as well. Also I love the outfit you look gorgeous as always Sammy

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