Fuzz Life


Happy Almost Christmas, and welcome!!! 💜

The cold weather is a comin’, so I stocked up on some nice winter attire, and today I want to show my fuzzy purple (pink-ish?) jacket. Because it’s all about zee fuzz.


Fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Love that word…






I get ridiculously happy when pieces of an outfit that were bought at different times and places match PERFECTLY. Even my little butterflies matched!

This fuzzy jacket came from H&M. I found it in the girl’s department and knew it was meant to be.  🌸


I also found these super cute satin shoes at H&M for $5…and let me tell you…they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve EVER purchased!!!


I made some new accessories last weekend!!! Aren’t these so happy and cute? YES! The unicorn is a pin and the seashell is a ring. 💜


So the other day, I was talking to someone about cars, and the discussion turned to our first cars. I have a lot of stories about my first car, which inspired me to write all about it:


Sam’s Story Time: The Adventures of my First Car

So this is a new thing I might try doing from time to time, for a laugh!!! I will share a story with you all that will hopefully make you giggle…and I’m sure this one will! 😉

We all remember our first car. Some of us look back on it fondly, while others look back on it with flared nostrils and a bitter taste in our mouth. I would fall into the latter category…

Once upon a time, I bought my first car…I was a young 21 years of age…it was a small and cute car, mmkay? But it didn’t take long for the insanity to begin. As per usual, the little things surface in the beginning, in which you shrug off as no big deal.

Fast forward a few months later, and when the inside door handle decided to come off ever so easily, it was just the beginning of what was to come, little did I know…

The best time was when my power-steering-fluid-holder-thing somehow got punctured. This resulted in the power steering fluid dripping out in large quantities.

I was working at my previous job when the manager strolled up to my desk:

“Ummm…there’s some kind of large pool of liquid forming underneath your car…?”

Yeeeeeah…about that…

I had to drive to Auto Zone, buy two bottles of power steering fluid to keeping refilling it until it was repaired the next day. I knew when it was getting near empty; the car could barely make turns. I had to throw the wheel all the way to the left or right with great strength, like a pirate navigating an ancient ship in a colossal storm.

NOW THAT’S JUST A HIGHLIGHT. It was always in-and-out of the mechanic shop. There were so many continuous issues with the car, that after awhile when I would see my Check Engine Light happily turn on as it frequently did, I’d just put a post-it note over it and pretend all was well.

The final straw was when the car would RANDOMLY SHUT OFF. At stop lights, stop signs…any time the car stopped, basically. The first time it happened, I was going through the Starbucks drive-thru during my lunch, and the car randomly died as I was driving out of the drive-thru. I slowly glided in the car going 1 mph, and steered it into a parking stall that was thankfully nearby.

All of the mechanics who dealt with that car should qualify for sainthood. Now I have my Challenger…which has been heaven sent in comparison because it seldom gives me any problems! And any problem it may have…seems like nothing compared to what I went through with my previous car! LOL! 😋

I hope you enjoyed my funny story! See ya!


5 thoughts on “Fuzz Life

  1. Love this: “I get ridiculously happy when pieces of an outfit that were bought at different times and places match PERFECTLY.” I totally feel that way too! And I love your new ring and brooch! They’re my favorite things you’ve made so far. Also, I enjoyed reading your story about your first car. My favorite parts were 1) your manager telling you about the pool of liquid and 2) you putting a Post-It over the check engine light. It was very funny and nostalgic; I could really picture it. I look forward to reading more of your stories.:)

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