Pot of Gold

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! ☘🍀

I hope your day is merry and green. 💚 Today I bring you a festive outfit and some artwork I finished very late last night!

Dress from Forever21 (tailored) and shamrock clips from Claire’s

As you can see, I successfully made everything green today. 😉 It’s a lovely Sunday to be outdoors and enjoy some coffee and a macaron for lunch. 💚☘

So, I had the most electric jolt of creativity last night. Was it my strawberry banana bee pollen smoothie and bowl of fruit I had for dinner at Lassen’s?! Not sure. I came home around eight p.m., pulled out my sketchbook, put on The Beginning is the End is the Beginning live by the Smashing Pumpkins, and away into the creative stratosphere I went.

[You guys are probably tired of me referencing this concert yet again!! What can I say though, if I find something that inspires me, my head and heart can’t help going back].

The aesthetic they chose for this song at their concert appeals to me for a lot of reasons; the main two are 1) the nod to the 1920’s/1930’s showgirl and 2) the song itself paired with the visuals together is beautifully creepy and unsettling. The girls go from camera ready smiles to death glares looking right at you, interchangeably throughout.

It was one of my favorites from their setlist, and so I came up with my own artwork inspired by it (I finished this around 1 a.m. last night!!)

I titled it Life is a Film and We’re the Stars. 🌟

Because life in a way, is just like a film. The highlights and memories we recall are the film reels we replay in our mind. If we recall dark moments, we can choose to replace them with a positive attitude, which are the gleaming, camera-ready smiles that somehow become surreal, the longer you stare at them.

And there are two of them, because life is a constant duality. Positive and negative. Light and dark. Smiles and death glares. Beginning and end.

I’m really, really happy with how this turned out!!!

‘Til next time! 😀

“Mysterious Woman in Pink”


Recently I was invited to be on a podcast over at That Saige Advice, and it was a brand new experience for me!

I met the very sweet and hilarious Saige at my last art show, and she was in search of local female artists to be on her upcoming episodes. I was honored that she asked me to be a guest!

She asks her guests to create a drawing for her podcast, so I made an illustration of her:

I was given the episode title of “Mysterious woman in pink”, and I love it. If you’re interested in hearing my mouse voice that sounds like I could’ve been one of the mice in Cinderella, then there you go!

I was actually really nervous about the podcast. Honestly, I’m not used to talking for long periods of time, so I was pretty amazed that I managed to. I have no problem being around people or anything; in fact, I love to observe and people watch! However, keeping conversations going is a struggle for me.

I’m usually the listener in a conversation. I grew up in a house full of women, so it was always talk-talk-talk (no offense, mom and sis) and I gradually became the listener of the group.

It’s funny because I can write a lot. But actual talking, I’m not so good at and in real life I’m pretty quiet. Now let’s talk about this outfit…

Two thumbs up for my creepy gaze!

This is one of those outfits that I kind of threw together and was like hey, this works!

Do you ever just not know what to wear, so you put random things together to create something entirely new? That’s what this fashion experiment was. 😀

On a last note, here in central California, spring is definitely showing us its pretty face! Daylight Saving Time started last Sunday, and I’m blissful. That extra sun in the evening is the most delightful treat after a day at work. 💜

‘Til next time!!

Like a Ghost

Hello, hello! 🌸

I wore an all white outfit recently; I loved it because it made me feel like a ghostly figure drifting among the living. 💜

Typically, I don’t wear a lot of white. I think my inspiration came from watching Anna Biller’s 2016 film The Love Witch (finally!) and the 60’s aesthetic was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in a film.

Film stills courtesy of The Love Witch (2016)

There were a couple of beautiful white dresses in the film, so I’m sure subconsciously that had me reaching for a white ensemble in my closet!

White looks lovely on everyone. See ya next time!! 💜

Knee Socks

Doesn’t it look like I’m about to play baseball or something? I think the ensemble reminds me of A League of Their Own, where the baseball-playing gals wear a pink dress uniform with knee-high socks.

BUT JUST KIDDING. One thing you will never see me do is play a sport of any kind (I did shoot guns in Naval ROTC, though!!! My best memory is shooting an M1 Garand and getting a big fat bruise on my shoulder. I still don’t know how the men in WWII managed to haul them around in battle).

Sports, like math, is definitely put under the section of My Weaknesses. I tried a musical route by playing handbells in high school and I was literally the ONE person in the class who played off key (I still don’t understand how to successfully play a handbell??????), and the teacher gave me the evil eye until I decided to just drop the class. Muahaha…

I mainly liked the class because we got to wear white gloves…

“Away in the Clouds”

Ah, but then I met ART. Art was the one place where I felt everything I did was right. The beauty of art is that it’s subjective. A flaw perceived by one person is perfection to another.

There’s no wrong or right way to do art. It simply is. In a fast-paced world that demands perfection, art is paradise.

I had a most excellent three day weekend (I took Monday off to enjoy the nice day and work on a new illustration, featured above). The idea I had behind it is, ultimately, being a wallflower with her head in the clouds.

Because you know what? There’s no shame in being a wallflower with her head in the clouds! 💜

Apart from creating new art, sipping coffee at a coffee shop and going to Barnes and Noble, I also watched a movie Sunday night that I hadn’t seen in a looooooong time…

Jackass the Movie, 2002

This is really random trivia about me, but I’m a huge Jackass fan. I know it can be really gross, but oh my gosh is it also hilarious!!! I remember seeing Jackass 3 in 3D years back in the theater…oh my, LOL.

It’s one of those movies you’re unable to take your eyes off the screen. Is he really going to ride his bicycle into a pile of cacti? Is he really going to jump off a trampoline and into a ceiling fan, that’s on? Oh wow…he just did…

Sometimes all a gal needs is to create some art and watch Jackass to fully recharge herself. 😉

See ya again soon!!

And it was All Yellow

🌟💛 It’s truuuuuue…

Look how they shine for yooooooou… ðŸ’›ðŸŒŸ

I can’t help but immediately get the song “Yellow” by Coldplay stuck in my head anytime I wear the color! I do admit that I took it to the next level with this outfit, because it literally is all yellow.

I’m really happy with the outcome (I pieced together a button up blouse from Amazon with a thrift find dress). It really does look like a whole dress, doesn’t it?!?!!?!?! Success! I feel like this is my most 1960’s-looking outfit.

My expressions make me laugh. KIND OF.
Hello Kitty rings I made to match… 😃 GOAL THIS YEAR: GO TO THE HELLO KITTY CAFÉ IN SAN JOSE (wearing cat ears, naturally).

I really love this shade of yellow. It’s like a sunshine yellow, and I felt like a walking ray of sunshine wearing this outfit. WISDOM GAINED? Be your own sun. 💛

See ya!!